Top Swimsuit Trends that Women Should Try for 2021

With summer just around the corner, the excitement in the air makes people feel at ease. Spending long days at the beach, hanging out on the sand and playing in the water, are about to become a reality once again, and we can’t wait. When we throw on our wholesale womens swimsuits, the feeling of sunlight on our skin will be here to invigorate us once again.Hollow Bowknot Trim Floral One-piece Swimsuit
You definitely do not plan to wear those same old bikinis again, do you? It’s time to up your swimsuit game and try these sexy new styles this summer. From high-rise, one-piece designs to cool cut-outs, wrap-around styles, this season is all about showing off some skin. Don’t worry, however, if you prefer more subdued styles, create the sexy vibe with high-waist bottoms or try out a chic, active style with crop tops and lace-up pieces.

  1. One-piece Swimsuits with the High-rise

    Crisscross Back Ruffle Trim Floral One-piece Swimsuit
    Maybe it’s part of the 90s revival, or maybe it’s inspired by the upcoming film adaptation, but the one-piece style swimwear is back. Well, those one-piece swimsuits with the super-high waistline are back on our beaches and looking sexier than ever before. A favourite among the women, this style of swimsuit is all about showing off your curves. When shopping for one-piece swimwear with a high-rise, pay attention to classic, solid colors and simple patterns and styles. Doing so will make the unique cut and shape of your swimsuits be the focus without having to compete with other details.

  2. High-Waist Bottoms Swimsuits

    Two Pieces Colorblock Swimwear Set Tank Top & Shorts
    This season it’s all about getting high, which is a fashion wise. If you’re not opting for a high-rise swimsuit, high-waist bottoms swimsuit is also a good choice. Simple, chic and featuring a light, high-waist bikini bottoms are an indispensable swimwear style. High-waist bottoms are perfect for women with straight or “pillar” figures, adding clarity to the waist and helping to create a curved appearance on the hips. Similarly, choosing a style with horizontal stripes will also increase this “hourglass” effect. To keep your high-waist bottoms looking modern, pair them with a simple triangle top, or, if you want to miss the retro style, you can choose a structured and open-back style.

  3. Deep V-Neck Swimsuits

    Deep V-neck Bowtie Front Stripe Swimsuit
    When it comes to showing off skin, there is nothing better than a sexy, deep v-neck swimsuit. Swinging this style on tops or dresses can sometimes make people cringe, especially during the day, but the beach or swimming pool is a safe place to try this trend. After all, most of us are used to exposing more skin among our swimmers anyway! No matter if you have a large or small bust, a deep v-neck swimsuit can still look fantastic as long as it fits you. This style is particularly appropriate for backless swimwear, but it can also be used with regular straps. No matter which style you opt for, keep an eye out for the ultra-low waist to make it really work for this look.

  4. Wrap-around Tops Swimsuits

    Two-piece Cross Tie Bra & Floral Thongs Swimsuit
    Simple bikinis just will not be cut this summer. If you want to stay cool while getting a stylish look at the beach, you’ll need to invest in some special swimwear. One of our favorite styles at the moment is wrap-around bikini tops. These chic swimsuits have a unique feature of difference that we can’t make full use of them. Their straps wrap around the body at the ribs, forming a pattern of flashes of skin. Although most wrap around only once, some wrap around multiple times to get a more eye-catching appearance. This modern style looks particularly wonderful in black or dual-toned designs of the strap is different from the color of the cup. If you are feeling extra daring, you can even go for some wrap-around bottoms to match.

  5. Lace-ups Swimsuits

    Plus Size Lace-up Black Suspender Swimsuit
    In addition to the deep v-neck, lace-ups are also being used to create eye-catching flashes of skin on modern swimsuit. Changing the swimsuit from simple styles into pieces of corset, lace-ups are a stunning design detail. The most eye-catching design is to bring the lace up to the front or back of the swimmers. However, if you want to get a more refined look, you can also opt for bikini styles and versions that concentrate the bikini laces in a smaller area. Just remember to apply sunscreen when shaking this trend, otherwise you will end up with a line of red diamonds on your body!

  6. Crop Tops Swimsuits

    2 Pieces Zipper Crop Top Matching Panties Swimwear Set
    Showing off skin is a great way to ensure sexy, but covering it up can also be very sexy, especially when it comes to sporty styles. Crop tops have sexy, sporty vibe and are an excellent style to add to your swimwear closet. While crop tops are considered somewhat revealing when worn on the street, the opposite is true on the beach. Providing coverage and looking quite sporty, crop tops are completely cool and effortless.

  7. Cool Cut-outs Swimsuits

    Plus Size Sleeveless Cutout One-piece Swimsuit
    Cut-outs will rise to the next level of this season as they’re reworked and dialing. Whether they are featured on two-piece styles, bikinis, or are even used to create one-piece, all manner of cut-outs are fantastic right now. The best part of this trend is that you can customize it to suit your own style. Opt for a classic design with simple cut-out shapes, concentrated at the sides if you love the things simple and chic. Select a bold red hue and unique design. And what you are after may be a lot of incisions through the body.