top 5 youtube video downloaders apps

Top 5 YouTube Video Downloader Apps For Android

Information on YouTube Video Downloader Apps

In this article, we will discuss YouTube video downloader apps. But let me tell you that YouTube is the largest video-sharing and most viewed platform. Globally millions of people watch various videos on YouTube. On this video-sharing platform, you will get different categories of videos like health, sports, education, latest news, meditation, motivation, comedy, drama, films, etc. Some video download option YouTube provide while some video download need a subscription. There are plenty of options available for downloading videos on pc. But if you want to download videos on your android devices then no large downloader options are available. Don’t worry we found popular and safe youtube video downloader apps for android devices.

There are various apks available for download of YouTube videos. On the internet free and paid both versions of apps are available. In this article we discuss both so you can easily prefer and use them for download purposes. You do not need to download extra apps or programs for their apps. Follow this article step-by-step till the end to know fully about youtube video download for android. The best downloader app for android lists is below. Check now.

Best Free YouTube Downloader For Android 

  1. InsTube
  2. Keepvid
  3. NewPipe
  4. SnapTube
  5. Videoder


InsTube is a free YouTube download app for android users. This app is compatible with hundred plus websites and video-sharing platforms. YouTube is included. Other video-sharing platforms such as instagram, Facebook, and Twitter videos also easily download with instube. Moreover, high-quality video downloads provide to android users.

Features of InsTube

  • Completely safe video downloader
  • MP3 download options are available
  • Various video formats compatible
  • Download videos at high-speed
  • Audio and video both download options available 

Keepvid is a popular YouTube video downloader website. It is available for Android, ios, tablets, windows, and mac devices. The keepvid websites’s app is available. If you want to download them then download them from the websites or search the “Keepvid app download” on google. Size of the app is lightweight and perfectly works on android. Various qualities of video provide you can easily select and download. 

YouTube Video Download Process

  • Copy YouTube video URLs to the clipboard
  • Paste them into the keepvid’s search bar
  • Click on the go button
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Download now to watch it offline

Key Features of Keepvid

  • Take little space on your devices
  • No extra app is required 
  • Easily understandable
  • Provide various video download quality 
  • Free available nothing pay for it 


Newpipe is the latest created YouTube video downloader app. If you looking for a secure and full-privacy-based video download app for android then download newpipe. Multiple video qualities are available like 480p, 540P, 720P, 1080P, etc. The Newpipe app is available on the f-droid store. If you want to download YouTube videos on a PC then check top YouTube video downloader websites. It’s completely free.

Features of The NewPipe App

  • Take little space on your android
  • Free available on the f-droid store
  • Multiple video formats are supported 
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • Advance security provide 


If you want to download a reliable YouTube video downloader then snaptube is the best option for your android. In the play store, the latest version is available. You can easily download long and short videos through this app. Snaptube is available for android as well as ios users. So, both are’s easily used them. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter video download options make the app more valuable. There are both modes available night mode and day mode you can easily set on your wish. And it’s completely free available for android and ios users.

Key Features of SnapTube

  • Ads free app
  • Provide you night mode for eye protection
  • Downloaded music plays with a screen lock
  • HD video download options
  • Supports many platforms
  • Flexible windows make the user experience the best


Videoder app is free available for YouTube video download. It helps you to edit videos and download them. This app is able to download videos of vimeo, dailymotion, youtube, Facebook, and 100+ websites. You can download videos without any limitations with the videoder. That’s useful for downloading educational course videos on your android. Downloading speed of any video is better than others video downloaders app. The security option gives you permission to set video as private it’s amazing for users. Many major formats are supported by Videoder, including 3GP, FLV, MOV, MP4, and WMV.

Features of Videoder

  • Download unlimited videos
  • Mp3 (audio) converting 
  • In-built browser 
  • Enter a keyword to find videos for download
  • It’s fully secured 
  • Multiple video formats support
  • Integrated search system

FAQs – YouTube Video Downloader Apps

Q-1 Which is the best app for YouTube video download?

On google various YouTube video downloaders app are available. The Newpipe app is the best option for android devices. Because they give you more options like editing and streaming. There are others also the best apps available you can read articles or search on google to find more best apps. 

Q-2 Where saved the downloaded video by the video downloader apps?

Download videos are generally found in the download folders. If you don’t find it from there then see the download history because normally it is on there.

Q-3 Any other method that use to download YouTube video’s without any apk?

There are many methods or tricks available like websites that provide you with easily download videos without additional apps or software. In fact, Keepvid is one of them which you can use to download any streaming videos without any app. The download process is simple and everyone can easily understand them. We would like to share to download process. First, open the YouTube video and copy the video link to the smartphone’s clipboard. Then open the websites. On the keepvid website, you can see one white search bar. In the white search bar paste copied link. Then click on the go button. Tools take some process and then give you download options. You can easily download videos from the download buttons.

Q-4 Downloading YouTube videos using third parties app is safe?

The google play store or google contains many video downloaders apps. We recommend you use play store apps for download purposes. If you do not find the video downloader app then try to find it from google at your discretion. Because some apps in pop-up ads contain harmful elements.