Tips For Picking a Blanket Scarf

A Blanket Scarf can be a great choice for colder weather. This scarf is typically very warm and cozy and comes in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. This article will discuss some tips on how to choose the right blanket scarf. Whether you are looking for a long scarf or a small one, you will find some useful tips for picking one.


The blanket scarf is a versatile piece of apparel. In addition to its versatility as an accessory, it can be used to dress up a casual or formal outfit. Its versatile design makes it an excellent transitional piece from winter to summer. This accessory can be worn on its own or with a jacket, coat, or even a leather jacket.

If you choose to use a blanket scarf as an accessory, make sure you know how to wear it. It can easily take over your look, so you need to know how to wear it properly. To make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your outfit, adjust its length and width with extra folds or tucks, or wrap it more times. A blanket scarf will give you a polished, cohesive look if you coordinate its colors and patterns with your clothing.


Before you begin cutting your Blanket Scarf material, you need to fold it lengthwise. Then, fold it again to find the center. Mark this center point with a fabric pen. Next, lay the fabric flat on a surface. Measure 2 inches from the folded edge. Then, cut to the center point of the fabric. You should now have a rectangular piece of fabric that resembles the photo below. Make sure to cut 1 inch of the corners. This will allow for fringe.

Then, you can cut your fabric into sections. Choose a soft, drapey fabric. You’ll need three yards of this fabric. You’ll want to divide it into four-inch sections, preferably from the short ends. Pull out the first few threads to remove the fray. Once the fabric is evenly trimmed, you can cut it into the desired size.


With the cold winter months coming up, you’ll want to wrap yourself up in a colorful blanket scarf. Not only do these scarves look great with your favorite outfit, but they’re also incredibly warm. These scarves measure approximately 57″W by 60″L and will keep you warm for hours.

Blanket scarves can be rectangular or square and usually made from cotton, acrylic, or flannel. They may also have fringed edges or tassels. You can use blanket scarves as an infinity scarf or simply wear them around your neck for warmth.

Infinity style

An infinity-style blanket scarf is a versatile accessory that can be worn in many ways. It can be worn as a scarf, draped over the shoulder, or even as a shoulder wrap. It can be used as a stylish neck accessory over a slip dress or sleeveless top.

These scarves are made of soft, cozy fabrics and can be either rectangular or square. They are often made from cotton, flannel, or acrylic fabrics. Some have fringed or tassels on the edges. Many can double as blankets or oversized infinity scarves.


A blanket scarf is an easy-to-use accessory for many occasions. Its rectangular shape allows you to tie it into a loop, or simply fold it lengthwise and gather the ends together. This versatile scarf can be worn around your neck in front, or behind, and can be used as a layering accessory.

To create a blanket scarf, you’ll need to cut three yards of soft, drapey fabric. You can use Sportwear Acrylic Fabric. It’s 52″ wide and is a good choice because it drapes nicely. First, cut the fabric into two rectangles, with the shorter end of the fabric cut into four-inch sections. Repeat this process with the other side, leaving one inch of fabric hanging for fringe.