Three Creative Techniques To Write Perfect Essays Easily

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How often have you requested your friends by saying ‘Please, help me write my essay? The fact is essay writing is no easy feat. Creative writing is all about making things up and letting your imaginations run wild. On the contrary, Essay writing is about communicating arguments and ideas in the clearest way possible. But, you can borrow some amazing writing techniques from creative writing to make your essays more interesting. So, here are the three creative techniques you can use to write impressive essays.

Think about your readers

Just like any other type of writing, your reader should be your most important consideration while you are writing essays. You must know whom you are writing the essay for so that you can do a good job of keeping them interested throughout the paper. Read your essay question carefully to determine who your ideal target audience is. Your professors are most likely to set up the question. So, they already know what the possible answers could be. Do not plagiarise. Be original and take an unusual approach to introduce the topic.

Follow a three-act structure

This structure is usually used in films and television dramas. But, you can get ideas from this structure to write your essays as well. For instance, here, the elements of a three-act structure:

  • Set-up– Introduce the topic to your readers first. Establish the characters (if any) and provide a subtle hint for the overall context of your essay.
  • Confrontation– This is also the ‘turning point’ of your essay. Write down the arguments and counter arguments related to your topic here.
  • Resolution– Finally, tie up the loose ends of your essay and write a precise conclusion.

You may need some time to get the hang of this structure initially. In that case, you can say ‘help me write my essay in three-act structure’ to your friends and meet your urgent deadlines.

Begin with a hook

Your professors are most likely to assess multiple essays. So, if your essay isn’t interesting enough, it may divert your readers from the main point. You can start with a flashback, perhaps. That could transport your readers directly back to the midst of an action, thereby disrupting the chronology of events. You can start with an interesting quote that is related to your topic. A short story can also be great when it comes to starting your essay. You can also pay for essays in case you find it too hard to write the opening paragraph.

Try out these three easy tips to make your essays as interesting as possible. Remember, the more you read, the better your vocabulary will be. So, whether it’s an article or a book, make sure you read different topics and implement the writing styles that you like.