Best Speed Optimization Plugin 2021

7 Best Speed optimization plugins for WordPress

These are the 7 best Speed optimization plugins for WordPress.

✅ WP Rocket

✅ WP Super Cache

✅ W3 Total Cache

✅ Lazy Load by WP Rocket

✅ Perf matters

✅ WP Fastest Cache

✅ WP-Optimize

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the best caching and speed optimizing plugins for WordPress available in the market. You can get all the great features and functionalities that you’d expect, along with some of the features that you wouldn’t expect.

WP-rocket-speed-optimization-plugin-1st-image-DailyTimes Pro

It is a premium WordPress plugin for your website. It minifies your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Which help you to decreases the loading speeds of your website and instantly helps you to improve the performance of your site.

Key Features:

✅ Reduce HTTP requests

✅ User-friendly interface

✅ Minify CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

✅ Cloud flare integration

✅ WebP compatibility

✅ enable lazy loading for faster loading of images & videos.

✅ integrates content delivery network (CDN).

✅ Browser caching

✅ Integrates with Google Analytics.

✅ Database optimization

✅ Advanced caching rules


$39.20 for Single

$79.20 for Plus

$199.20 for Infinite

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is the most popular and amazing WordPress speed optimization plugin. It has more than 2 million active installations and is recommended by many top hosting companies.

WP-Super-Cache-speed-optimization-plugin-2nd-image-DailyTimes Pro

It contains all the features that you need to optimize your website speed It generates the static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress website or blog. After generating the HTML file, your web server will serve these files to the users:

who are not login.

who have not left a comment.

users who have not viewed protected posts. instead of processing it.

Key features:

✅ Simple caching.

✅ Compress pages.

✅ Serve static HTML files

✅ Don’t cache pages for the known users.

✅ Cache preload.

✅ CDN support.

✅ Extra homepage checks.



W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is another most popular WordPress plugin that offers many features to help you to enhance the speed of your website. It has more than 1 million active installations and has 4.3 ratings out of 5.

WP-Total-Cache-speed-optimization-plugin-3rd-image-DailyTimes Pro

It offers features like page caching, CDN Support, browser caching, database caching, objects caching, and lots more. this plugin is a little bit complex for beginners. As compared to other best caching remove plugins such as WP Rocket because it offers an easier to use and user-friendly interface.

Key Features:

✅ Allow the integration of Content Delivery Network (CDN)

✅ Browser caching

✅ Database caching

✅ Object caching

✅ Minifying

✅ Caching of CSS and JavaScript

✅ Caching of feeds

✅ JavaScript grouping

✅ Caching statistics

✅ Reverse proxy integration

✅ Google AMP and SSL support.

✅ compatible with shared hosting

✅ And lots more



Perf matters

Perf matters is awesome light-weight WordPress performance plugin, with the main purpose of boost up any WordPress website by optimizing WordPress settings and disabling unnecessary features.

WP-perfmatters-speed-optimization-plugin-4th-image-DailyTimes Pro

the main purpose of Perfmatters is to increase the speed of your WordPress site by optimizing WordPress settings and by removing all unnecessary features.

By default, WordPress has many options which are not necessary for most of the websites that slow down the performance of your website.

Perf matters disable all these unnecessary options including the scripts on every page to stop the HTTP requests which are not needed with just the click of buttons.

In simple terms, perf matters is a simple and easy plugin that lets you toggle WP features on and off without any knowledge of coding. It is an approach to improve the loading speed of page.

Key Feature includes:

✅ Works with existing caching plugin

✅ Disable WordPress options

✅ Lazy load images

✅ Disable scripts on per page/post basis

✅ Injects CSS in page

✅ boosting functionality such as DNS

✅ Optimize Google Fonts

✅ REST API control

✅ Heartbeat control

✅ Lightweight plugin


✅ $24.95 for Personal

✅ $54.95 for Business

✅ $124.95 for Unlimited Sites

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Lazy Load by WP Rocket

WP-Lazy-load-speed-optimization-plugin-5th-image-DailyTimes Pro

Lazy Load is a plugin by WP rocket that shows the images on your site page when a user lands on your website and tries to load the page.

naturally when the user land on your website then your site will automatically try to load the whole page content for the first time including multiple images, videos, and lots more. So, this natural behavior of website is going to slow the loading speed of your website.

Lazy Load will kicks the page images only when they are visible to the user as they scroll down your web page So, if they never reach the images, its mean doesn’t need to load image. This will help to saves the bandwidth o user because they won’t need to download all the images, because images take a lot of time to load. This plugin makes your website faster for the users.

it works on thumbnails, images used in the post content, I frames, and many more. Basically, the idea behind the ‘lazy loading’ is only to load the content when it is needed.

Key Feature includes:

Lazy loading helps your site load faster

Save bandwidth

Replaces post images, post thumbnails, avatars, and iframes etc.

No use of jQuery or JavaScript

Replace the YouTube iframes with the preview thumbnails



Read this the beginner:

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is another best and most popular WordPress speed optimization plugin that has over 1+ million active installations, 3,000 reviews with near-perfect 4.9 rating and is available at

WP-Cache-faster-speed-optimization-plugin-6th-image-DailyTimes Pro

It helps you to reduce your page loading time by approximately 0.5 seconds, just like the other available caching speed optimization plugins, WP Fastest Cache creates a static HTML files for a quick response from your dynamic WordPress site.

You can try the free version or you can also move to the premium version if you want more advanced features.

In order to set this speed optimization plugins, go to your website dashboard install this plugin, activate and run the settings. Then hit save option and now you’re ready to go.

Key Feature includes:

the free version supports:

✅ G zip compression

✅ SSL support

✅ CDN support

✅ Cloud flare support

✅ Browser caching

✅ Preload Cache

✅ Basic modification for HTML and CSS

✅ Cache Timeout for specific pages

✅ rules to exclude specific users or content from caching

✅ The tool  help you to integrate with CDNs

✅ Disable Emoji

✅ Minify Html and CSS

 If you want even more advance features, there is also a premium version available:

✅ Image optimization

✅ Database optimization

✅ Advanced magnification  speed optimization plugins, including support for magnification JavaScript

✅ This provide A tool to eliminate render-blocking JavaScript resources

✅ Option to load Google Fonts a sync

✅ Lazy loading

✅ Mobile Cache

✅ Widget Cache

✅ Minify HTML Plus, CSS Plus and JavaScript.

✅ Combine JS Plus

✅ Defer JavaScript

✅ Convert WebP

✅ Google Fonts A sync



Paid version is also available at:

✅ $49.99 for Bronze

✅ $125 for Silver

✅ $175 for Gold


WP-Optimize-speed-optimization-plugin-7th-image-DailyTimes Pro

WP-Optimizer is simple yet very powerful tool with 700K+ active installations and 5 stars rating it has everything that you need to automatically keep your website clean, clean and optimized to runs at maximum speed.

it works effectively it will be the best choice for your website that offers multiple features. It always recommends to take a backup of your database before any update it primary focus is to clean your WordPress database.

Read also information to the beginner:

this website speed optimization plugins is free and east to use So, you can easily delete all the unnecessary data on your website database. you can also compress your images and cache by using this plugin.

Using WP-Optimizer you can keep your site to run fast and optimized.

The free version supports:

✅ Compresses Images

✅ Cleans the Database

✅ Implement page caching

✅ Compress images

✅ Enable G zip compression

✅ If you want even more advance features, there is also a premium version available:

✅ Provides Multisite Support

✅ Flexibility and Control

✅ Deleting unused images

✅ Sophisticated Scheduling

✅ Seamless Graphical User Interface

✅ Lazy Loading

✅ Optimization Preview

✅ Premium support


Free version is also available at

Paid version:

✅ $39.00 for Starter
✅ $59.00 for Business
✅ $149.00 for Unlimited

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