After the durga puja celebrations we all are waiting eagerly for the diwali and vaifota celebrations to come. Celebrations bring along happiness and enjoyments to cherish for the rest of the year.

What is Diwali?

 The word “Diwali” is derived from the Sanskrit word “Deepavali” that means “rows of lighted lamps”. Diwali is a festival of lights.


How do we celebrate Diwali?


We decorate their homes with diyas and make colorful Rangolis. People also share gifts during this festival.


The goddess of wealth Maa Lakshmi is worshiped on this day to many families.


No celebration is complete without exchanging gifts, So Diwali gifts are one of the main attractions of the enjoyments.

Meaning of Bhai Fota

The name says it all, it means brother as “Bhai”  and “ Fota” means the tikka to be applied to the brother for his safe and prosperous life.


It makes the bonding between brother and sister stronger.  The sister offers sweets to her brother.


Brother and sister exchange gifts on this occasion. So here also gifts take a special place in one’s heart.

The Gifts offered by us


No occasion is colorful without suitable gifts. Keeping that in mind we are offering you special gifts for

these festivals.


Wardrobe offers you a suitable collection of


  • Handmade designer Jewellery
  • Wall hangings
  • Handmade keyrings
  • Bags

To select as a perfect gift for this Diwali and Vai Fota.


Handmade designer Jewellery


We have the collection of best jewelry in Kolkata. Being Jewellery Manufacturers Suppliers in Kolkata, it’s our duty to provide you with the best services on time to higher our possibility of selling.


This Diwali gift your near ones a perfect Designer jewellery . And off course this Bhai Fota your sister will be amazed to get a gift from our Exclusive Jewellery for Women.

This Diwali we offer you an exclusive collection of handmade jewelry.

  • Fabric jewelry
  • Terracotta pendant set and earring Jewelry
  • Dokra pendant set Jewelry
  • Jute pendant set and earring Jewelry

Come and grab your set of gift from our latest puja collection:

  • Fabric Jewelry

    We have come up with a fresh new collection of Fabric jewellery for women this Diwali. There are a set of new puja collection including kalamkari, worli, hand-painted, jewelry with Cowri, and so on.

  • Terracotta pendant set and earring Jewelry

    From the latest terracotta collection of puja you will find it difficult to select your gift as each piece of terracotta jewelry speaks a lot itself. This Diwali buy the women of your family a suitable terracotta necklace set and earring which are made with passion.

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  • Dokra pendant set Jewelry

    Our Dokra pendant set and earrings are another creation of our excellency. 

Jute pendant set and earring Jewelry

Our collection of Jute pendant set and earrings suits with any occasion and also it is very easy to wear because of it’s lightweight. Each of the jute pieces are colorful and stylish. 

Wall hangings

As we are the decorative wall hanging exporters in India, we suggest you to buy gifts for your dear ones from the variations we have on Wall Hangings. They stand out completely from the other piece. They are colourful and charming. You would love to hang them on your wall to make it look awesome. As women love to decorate their interiors, nothing could be a better gift to them.

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Handmade keyrings

Keys are used by all elders irrespective of gender. Visit our online store for the key-rings we have. They are unique and fun to gift someone. Be it the key of your Almirah or fridge, decorate it with our collection and make it look nice.


We have a collection of Hand painted Jute Bags and Designer Jute and Canvas bags. Designer Jute and Canvas bags are of medium size and durable enough.  We create Jute bags in bulk. Our jute bags printing is sober and eye-soothing.

Grab the latest collection and enjoy the fun of gifting