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Send your loved one’s happiness through flowers delivery in Jaipur

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The gift of flowers is incredible, no matter what occasion or the event it is. The blessing and beauty of flowers are unique, and everyone appreciates bouquets as a gift. The happiness that flowers invoke is instantaneous, and we cannot substitute it easily. Everyone can gift flowers at a variety of events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or other celebrations. Gift shops often sell bouquets that are made for conveying specific emotions, such as ‘thank you’ bouquets or ‘I am sorry’ flowers. The usage of flowers to express feelings is not a modern innovation. The early Victorians used to do it, as their cultural rigidity gave birth to the language of flowers.

As it was in the old days, so it is now. People still gift flowers to get them through a hard time, express gratitude or offer sympathy. Flowers such as red roses have been the ubiquitous symbol of romance for a long time, and they are the simplest yet the most beautiful romantic gift.

Where to buy and get flower delivery in Jaipur?

People today have an immense advantage because of the communication revolution. It is no longer difficult to send a gift to someone who is not in the same state as you. Many wonderful gift portals, like Oyegifts, can deliver gifts anywhere in India. So, say if you want a flowers delivery in Jaipur, OyeGifts is more than equipped to handle it.

There are very few gifts that make you feel connected to the remarkable Mother Nature and allow you to bask in her beauty. Many expensive gifts may fail to make an impact, but the ever-wonderful bouquet will always succeed. Every culture accepts and encourages the gifting of flowers. So, don’t hesitate to get familiar with the language and flowers, and start shopping!

What to choose for flower delivery in Jaipur?

Many people have their favourite flower fixed, and if you know their choice when choosing a bouquet becomes an easy affair. But, if you don’t; here is a list of the most popular bouquet gifts for your reference-

Rose Bouquets

Rose Bouquets

The most popular hue among roses is the red rose, and we use it to symbolize romance and passion to the recipient. Yet, there are many more colours of the rose, with different meanings associated with them. Roses have fascinated people throughout the centuries, and people still hold a liking for them. Pink roses are the symbol of admiration and gratitude, so if you want someone to know your gratitude, then this is the perfect gift. On the other hand, yellow roses express people’s happiness and warm emotions. People see white roses as the markers of grace and purity, and we often use them in funerals.

Lily Bouquets

Lily Bouquets

Just like roses, lilies also have a lot of symbolism associated with them. People link many concepts, such as purity, fertility, rebirth and transformation, with the lily. The lily is indeed exquisite, and it has also captured the imagination of poets and writers in history. Lilies come in different colours, such as blue, purple, white and many more. White lilies symbolize purity and faith, and it represents pure beauty. Pink lilies, much like pink roses, are symbols of platonic love. And as we might expect, red lilies are symbols of romantic commitment.

Orchid bouquets

Colorful Blend Orchid bouquets

There are many ornamental flowers out there, but orchids take the prize. They are the most coveted of flowers and are the symbols of luxury and beauty. They are delicate and exotic, and the ancient Greeks often associated them with virility. But the Victorians were responsible for the view of orchids being luxurious. Now, orchid bouquets are gifted to express charm, love and grace. People link different symbolism with different colours of the flower. Orchids come in many hues, such as whites, pinks, yellows, purples, and even orange. Pink orchids are popular as couple’s anniversary gifts.

Carnation Bouquets

Carnation bouquets

There are many gifts for Mother’s Day, but the go-to gift for Mother’s Day celebration is a bouquet of carnations. There are many types of carnations; experts say that there are as many as 300 species. There are large-flowered carnations, spray carnations, and dwarf-flowered carnations too. Carnations generally are symbols of love and protection. Many associate white carnations with purity and luck. There are many legends linked with white carnations too, and they remain the symbols of pure love to this day. As mentioned before, carnations are important for Mother’s Day, and people go for pink carnations as gifts for special occasions.

Premium flowers

Premium flowers

Look at any good online gift portal, and you will find a premium range of flowers ready for shipment. Flowers are the go=to gift for your loved ones and are useful for expressing your inner feelings. Oyegifts is one of the very best shops for floral arrangements, as they have a wide range of options and a splendid delivery system too.