Seeking the best doctors near me, where should I go?

Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital MASH is a beam of hope for the people of south Punjab. The hospital provides state-of-the-art medical facilities to everyone. MASH is one of the largest health care units in the area. With the capacity to accommodate 500 patients, as the hospital has 500 beds. The health care unit has state-of-the-art medical facilities. Which comply with international standards and practices.

The many departments at MASH make the hospital the best tertiary health care unit in Multan  

The hospital has a number of departments that are associated with multiple niches. For instance, the hospital has a separate cardiology department, gastroenterology department, gynecology department, Pediatric department, neurology department, and many others. Most of these departments operate round the clock to serve the people. For instance, the gynecology department at MASH is found open every time of the day. The emergency department of MASH is very active as well.    

The well-equipped emergency department at MASH is open 24/7

The emergency department at MASH is with every facility. Necessary to provide medical assistance to the patient. To save their lives in case of emergency. If the residents of Multan or its suburbs are looking for the “best doctors near me”. Then MASH would be the hospital to find competent and experienced doctors.

Most of the doctors practicing at MASH have served internationally as well       

The administration of the hospital makes sure. That the most competent and internationally renowned doctors practice in the facility.  So that the administration can ensure the deliverance of quality. Which will greatly impact the living standards of the people of the region. Dr. Aneela Darbar is one of the prominent names among a long list of doctors That are practicing at MASH who is internationally known as well. 

MASH has the best neurosurgery department

The neurosurgery department of MASH has a great reputation in the region. And that shouldn’t be an astonishing thing because  Dr. Aneela Darbar is its head. Calling her the epitome of excellence in the field of neurosurgery won’t be wrong. Dr. Aneela Darbar has extensive experience in the field. She is the first US-trained neurosurgeon of Pakistan.

She also had served as a faculty member in Saint Louis University Missouri and Aga Khan University, Hospital, Karachi. When a doctor of her stature is practicing in a hospital. You expect nothing but excellence and quality medical assistance. Dr. Aneela Darbar is undoubtedly delivering her best which is greatly helping the people of south Punjab. Now, the patients don’t have to rush to the other big hospitals. in cities like Lahore, Karachi, or Islamabad. Cure for every problem is available in their own city. 

MASH has a well-resourced radiology department

With advancements in technology. The methods and procedures used in medicine improved greatly. Radiology plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of multiple diseases today. The advanced procedures of radiology like MRI and CT scan. Is used to diagnose cancer cells and radiology for the treatment of cancer.

As we all know ultrasound and X-ray are the most common radiology methods. To diagnose the problems inside the body. MASH has a state-of-the-art radiology department. MASH ensures that all these radiology methods are practiced here and are available under one roof. This has greatly facilitated the patients, especially the women. The expecting women now don’t have to go out for their ultrasound. As they can get it done easily from MASH

State of the art gynecology department

MASH has a state-of-the-art gynecology department. Where the best gynecologists are practicing. Well, the women don’t have to worry about finding the “best doctors near me”. MASH is a trusted health care unit. Where they can easily get every facility in one place. 

MASH also works as a Trust

It runs under Mukhtar A. Sheikh Trust. The Trust is of the idea to make south Punjab prosperous. MASH fully ensures to provide the needed financial support to the deserving people. MASH is indeed the beam of light and hope for the people of south Punjab. And is certainly putting great efforts into improving the health department of Pakistan.