Today, we will be focusing on access to neighbour’s Garden Wall in context of party wall act.

Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act gives building owners the right to enter into the neighbor’s property to start their building or excavation work in a safe and secure way.

The owner of the building should provide the owner who is adjacent with the notice on the party wall to obtain the right to enter. The owner of the adjoining property has the right to reply in writing to this notice.

We are not going to cover the options for responding to adjacent owners. You can read the full blog post here about notices on the wall of the party responses that adjoining owners are offered.

The act on the party wall doesn’t grant the owner of the building legitimate access rights. However, it does cover the rights of owners adjacent to it completely prior to the excavation or construction works starting.

Party Wall Surveyor

The process is carried out by means of the use of a contract for the party wall which is also known as party wall agreement. ceremony wall.

The Party Wall Award defines the neighbor’s legal rights, while ensuring the construction plans of the owner of the building. It also guarantees that the work does not risk residents’ lives.

If you want to build a Garden Access, it will be carried out through a carefully analyzed and secure enclosed space or hoarding. It typically extends to more than one meter wide from the proposed wall.

Sheets of heavy-duty, thick plastic that are polystyrene, also known as foam boarding are used to cover the ground that leads to the adjacent owner’s area.

All materials used are re-lapping over several times. By doing this, workmen sitting on the decking or in the garden that are on neighbour’s properties creates as little risk as is possible, thereby preventing scratching or scuffs from the property after the work is finished.

In the future, the hoarding will be built while leaving a barrier between the construction site and the site of the building owner as well as the garden of the neighbour.


The right to access is only valid to a specific time period, which could be several weeks. In the end, the owner of the building will be responsible for completing the project in the most efficient manner.

The owner of the building can work with a Party Wall Surveyor to ensure that the projects follow the plans.

Sometimes, the owner who is adjacent to ignore the access to the party wall. If this occurs, think about not judging their actions, even though they may be frustrating.

The way you utilize your garden can ultimately determine the look of the finishing on the wall that flanks your building.

Your efforts should make sure that the neighboring owner is facing a tidy construction.

Party Wall Access is among the most debated subjects of the Party Wall Act, with every property owner having different views on whether they will accept this or otherwise.

It is always recommended to speak to an experienced and skilled Party Wall Surveyor prior to starting the project you are planning to undertake. Don’t hesitate to connect with one or our expert professional party wall surveyors to discuss the same.

It plays a vital part in making sure that you’re well-informed about the things you shouldn’t or should not do in order to gain access to your neighbor’s garden wall.