PTE Exam Trivia 7 Facts You Must Learn

PTE Exam Trivia: 7 Facts you Must Learn

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PTE is no more a newcomer in the English testing area. It has obtained considerable eminence among non-native speakers worldwide. If you still do not know much about this exam, read these 7 amazing facts about the PTE exam.

7 Facts that make PTE Interesting

PTE, aka Pearson Test of English, is performed to evaluate an aspirant’s English speaking, writing, reading, and listening proficiency. This exam is approx. 2 hours’ time. The result of a test will be generated within 5 working days. In most cases, it will be declared in 2 days. This is a fully computer-based exam. Candidate must have at least 16 years old to appear for the PTE Academic. The Exam result is valid for 2 years. This exam is conducted throughout the year. The exam is scored on a scale of 10 to 90. 0 means lowest and 90 means highest. You can directly send your score to the universities or colleges from your PTE account. The leading notion behind taking the PTE test is to check if the candidates can study overseas and communicate effectively. See what makes it a preferred choice:

#1 – Impartial marking criterion

Automatic intelligent machines are utilized for marking in the PTE exam. It’s why takers obtain a trustworthy score and are subjected to performances in the test, and machine utilization hinders partiality, unlike human errors.

#2 – Entirely computerized exam

If you prefer online exams, you will be happy to learn about this fantastic PTE fact that it is an entirely computerized exam for candidates. Therefore, in PTE, the answers to different exam sections are given on a computer which hinders paper use.

#3 – No vague questions

The PTE exam doesn’t consist of any vague questions that cause obstacles to acquiring a top-notch score. Instead, 20 diverse question formats will be subjected to the syllabus shown on PTE’s official website.

#4 – Get exam results quickly

PTE is known extremely fast for publishing test results. It takes hardly 5 business days, which is much faster than IELTS as it takes 13 days to declare the result.

#5 – Full-fledged English evaluation test

In the PTE exam, the candidates are asked questions from academic content and spoken English as a substitute for local dialects. This test verifies their reading, speaking, writing, and listening abilities in a creative way to evaluate their thorough command of the English language.

#6 – The PTE exam is affordable

The actual fee for the PTE Academic exam is $330. But you will obtain a $30 discount upon booking PTE test slots by purchasing a PTE online voucher from a certified reseller.

#7 – PTE Exam score approval

More than 6000 organizations globally accept the PTE Academic exam’s scores. However, this number is spiking gradually every year.


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