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In this case, there is no doubt: with a self-hosted platform. This means that you have to ignore cost-free realities. Many want to start a blog for free and make money, others just want to update their diary online.

In any case, it pays to be independent. With the free services, you can start a blog in minutes. Without spending a euro. But you can’t customize the code, you can’t mount plugins, you often can’t work on SEO oriented text.

What can a blog contain? Here is the summary.

My idea? Buy a domain, buy a WordPress hosting. And start working. How? By crossing these three main categories of skills.


We publish posts full of quality content  (texts, images, videos), and we do it with pleasure because they help us in social networks and search engines. And above all, readers like them, so they represent the heart of a blog. In this entry I insert:

  • SEO copywriting.
  • Storytelling.
  • Images.
  • Video.


Impossible to rely only on search engines: an online diary cannot give up the strength of social media, and cannot do without the synergy between author and reader. There is a close relationship between these protagonists that needs to be nurtured. This container is:

  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Newsletter.
  • SMM offline.

Technique / aesthetics

In the combination of technique/aesthetics, we find a good part of the work of bloggers. I decided to bring together these voices (apparently opposite) because in comparison with the contents and sharing they present a similar result. Here are the rumours:

  • SEO.
  • Web design.
  • Usability.
  • Database and hosting.

TL; DR what a blog is and what it can do

There is no boundary between a personal and professional diary, this is the truth. The theory says that there should be limits but I live writing as a passion and a profession: maybe that’s why I don’t feel the weight.

I can write from sunrise to sunset. Now I wait for your point of view: what is the blog? What is it for you, I mean? How it changed you, how it improved your days, how it transformed your being. Leave your opinion in the comments.

What is a blog? An example?

It is a website designed to be constantly updated. Compared to a static project, you can publish new web pages – called articles or posts – to give readers a chance to get new information.

How are blogs born?

The first blog in history was published in 1997, December 23, by Jorn Barger, an American salesman with a passion for hunting and fishing. The New York Times, however, suggests Justin Hall, a student of Swarthmore College who in 1994 published lists of links and resources on as the first blogger.

Who blogs?

Bloggers are the people who write texts and update blog web pages. The creation of the portal can be entrusted to professional web designers or you can independently create a free or paid blog. For a blog post, you also visit at write for us business

Why is it called a blog?

The name blog comes from the words weblog, it is the amalgamation of these terms. By weblog, we mean a website that allows multiple entries and accesses to update the content. So from a weblog, we talk about a blog. Then we come to the verb to blog or blogging to mean the action of updating the site with new content.

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How can I find a blog?

To find new blogs on the internet you have to use Google search. Just add the topic you are interested in in the main bar and add the word blog to have a list of domains that address the topics that concern you.