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Mural Designs in Workspace? 5 Ways You Can Benefit

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Are you blankly staring at the empty walls in your office? Are you wondering if you could splash some colors there, how motivated you might feel at work?! Or, let’s keep our feet to the ground and say – how interesting your workplace could become!

Mural artist or muralists, and other artists look at black spaces as an opportunity. Be it floral murals, maps, painted scenery, abstract murals, or image murals, covering empty walls with interesting designs and patterns can make someone’s day, or let’s just say drive more sales!

Wondering how?

Sure, there are various ways to communicate your business to prospective clients, like through social media platforms, billboard ads, cards, gift hampers, and so on. Somehow, deep inside business owners also know that customers want to feel emotionally connected to the brand, the one that tells a story but in a creative way, and that’s where floral murals and other designs come in.

If you are not familiar with the word mural, it is a is an artwork, where the muralist paints the art directly to a wall, ceiling or any permanent structure.

Honestly speaking, art is genuinely effective, and incorporating it in your business space, fabricates associations among clients and the actual business. Dr. Craig Knight, director of the “Identity Realisation” Group has done several studies for 12 years to understand the psychology of office workplace. In his study he found that art can impact the workplace productivity in great ways.

Murals convey the strength, objectives, and goals of a company. By stealing the public’s attention, murals can help organizations expand their horizons, lay out a more extensive presentation, and give an enduring impression.

Every business has its own specific way of acquainting itself with customers in general. They need to think of something impossible to miss and intriguing, something clients would be interested in or curious about.

You might have seen that numerous organizations today are utilizing similar signage with plain text on it. In such a case, it is doubtful that it will draw much consideration. It’s 2023, and it’s time to stand out. Adorning your workspace with interesting mural designs, like flower murals, can bring your business close to your potential customers.

Why Choose Floral Mural in the Workplace?

Since childhood, we are taught that flowers serve as a symbol of life, fertility, and wisdom in many cultures. Additionally, flowers are also looked at as an object of aesthetic pleasure. People all over the world are decorating their houses with flowers not just on the exterior but interior too!

Flower wallpaper or flower murals in an office space works wonderfully. Let me tell you why.

1. Employee Productivity

First things first. Floral murals provide a natural and calming atmosphere that can help to improve employee productivity and their overall well-being. The presence of plants and flowers in the workplace has been shown to increase concentration.

By incorporating a floral mural design into the office walls, businesses, like yours, can create a more inviting and welcoming environment that your employees will enjoy working in.

2. Tailored to Your Need

Floral mural designs work well on office walls because they can be customized to fit the specific branding and message of the business.

Flower murals can be tailored to include specific colors, patterns, and styles that align with the company’s overall design scheme and motto. This will help create a professional look throughout the office space, which can be beneficial for both employees and clients.

3. Elegance and Versatility

Thirdly, floral murals are versatile and can be used in various settings, including conference rooms, reception areas, and office canteen. They can be used to create a focal point in a room or to add a subtle touch of nature to an otherwise plain surface. These designs can also be used to add a sense of privacy to open office spaces. Undoubtedly, the possibilities are endless, and as a business owner, you can choose the design that best suits your needs.

4. Reduces Stress at Work

Studies have shown, and experts say that the presence of flowers in a work setting can reduce stress and fatigue. Think about it – when you are out there in the lap of nature, your focus increases, and so does your mood. And the same goes for the workplace. Bringing in some natural designs and colors, and giving a boost of energy to the employees.

5. Sets a Tone to the Space

Murals are a great way to set the tone for your office space. These designs make it look more attractive, positive, and professional. It can also be a conversation starter among employees, clients, and visitors, too. So think about it!

The Bottom Line

An office workspace is not just any area, where people just come and do a task, this is where people carry out their work where they are able to show up and improve their skills and creativity. And for this reason, a mural painted in office wall can be of much help.

Floral murals on office walls have a positive impact on employee productivity as well as their well-being. The best part is that experienced muralists can create the mural and customize the artwork to fit the aesthetic and branding of your business. Not to forget, they are versatile to be used in any setting.

Some management sees mural in office as a luxury items rather than a necessity. But thats not correct, mural art is very useful in motivating employees. It can help in increasing the overall productivity of the organisation.

So, those who are not fully aware of the psychological benefits of arts fail to takes advantage, and those who knows about the benefits utilizes their workplace wall by creating mural in their workplace. And this gives them a significant advantage over their competitors.

Other than motivating the employees to improve productivity, a mural art can also help communicate a key brand message to your customer and client in non verbal way.

So don’t wait contact a muralist and express your brand message and what you are looking for through the art. Based on your idea the muralist can create the perfect mural for your company that will be align with your brand.

Don’t miss out on utilizing empty walls as a way to boost your office productivity!

Featured Image Courtesy: Natasha May Platt (SurfaceofBeauty)