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MBA really worth the money or Not

Getting a degree in Masters in business administration (MBA) has become quite popular among students. The doors and opportunities it opens for aspirants are enormous. It is not a subject for scoring marks but is also helpful in learning and developing skills. Students with  degrees have a scope of starting their own business rather than being an employee.

But all these skills have a paycheck. The fees of an MBA course is relatively high than other courses. If you compare it with other streams, likely from a good university, then you will see that the fees are skyrocketing.  Most students opt for MBA for its career aspects, but that makes us wonder – is MBA worth the money?

Good faculty and experienced professors teach us better skills, but rather than just focusing on the institution’s output, and it also depends on students’ will.  Many students choose the MBA program but end up hiring mba essay writing service, which does not add up to a students credit in practicality.

Most students with a good  profile can earn up to six figures, but only if they are skilled along with knowledge. More degree is not just enough to get you a good job.

Many students enter the  program for the right reasons, while many enter it for the wrong reasons. Some of the right reasons are to grow your networks to learn skills and to get a satisfying job role in a promising industry. While others join it because MBA is hyped, it offers foreign job opportunities, and it’s a magic pill to earn six figures. Unfortunately, all the wrong reasons may take years to achieve success. But, at the same time, the right reasons can help you carve your way and make a plan for success.

Well, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of it, for you to decide.

Pros of getting an MBA

  • Pays better salary

Any student with an MBA degree usually gets paid better. The degree in itself is a requirement which most recruiters look for. Most MBA students are hired for business roles in international companies, which talks about the wages and how profitable packages they can get.

  • Better job roles

Most of the job opportunities available with an MBA are pretty reputed and speak for themselves. Students doing MBA can become HR managers, IT managers, financial advisors, chief technology officers etc. All these positions are pretty high profile. People who hire for such positions usually look for highly qualified candidates. So that is what MBA offers.

  • Learn soft skills

While most of the other stream focuses on knowledge and grades, MBA teaches soft skills. Soft skills like time management, communication, and leadership qualities and so on. These are essential skillsets of life that can help a student go longer than simply focusing on the grading system.

  • Gets more job exposure

Just like every other field, MBA offers many internship roles. However, depending on the jobs MBA offers, students can get their experience from the most prestigious jobs. Comparing starting salary of MBA candidates with other fresher’s will help you understand the job exposure they get by working in some companies is incredible.

Cons of getting MBA

  • It is hard to get noticed  –MBA

And by now, we all know how saturated the field of MBA has become. Every other student is opting for MBA. Most of the plans and programs are the same, so how is one MBA student better, different, or beneficial? Due to this, job opportunities are minimal because there is always someone else who has the same qualifications.

  • It does not guarantee glamorous life

We know how MBA is portrayed as the golden ticket to a glamorous life. You will be paid well and have all the fancy items. But that is not the case with every MBA student. It all depends on the kind of MBA you have opted for and the university as well. Not every institution offers the same advancements as others. However, too much progress also does not guarantee a well-paying job.

  • Not a complete plan to get into business

Most people have the notion that students who are MBA qualified are eligible to start their own business. But are they? A business has a lot of different prospects, and an MBA graduate is not always fully aware of handling everything on their own. There are sides to marketing, control management, taxes and much more. So don’t think that MBA is your direct way to start your company.

Final thoughts

So now that we have seen the complete list of pros and cons, what do you think, is MBA worth the money? Of course, as ordinary people, we believe that the more money we pay, the better options we get, which will guarantee good job opportunities. But how often has it turned out that way?

There are tons of students in every stream, so do they all get jobs in reputed companies. We don’t think so.  However, we will say that a good university that provides good experience leads to fruition. The recruiter wants to see how seasoned you are. Your experience is what will impress people. Owners wish to people who are well versed with their duties and knowledgeable and skilful with the field.

So don’t just focus on hitting your as a degree. Students with this vision get MBA assignment help, take it lightly and not idolize realistic practices. Instead, learn about the concepts, think of outsourcing your knowledge and start applying for internship roles.  With a proper plan, you will be able to reach what you deserve.

Authour Bio : Harvey Allen  is a lecturer at the University of Toronto. She has done her MBA and has been in the teaching profession for over 6+ years. Currently, she is associated with to provide MBA assignment help to students.