Learning Mandarin for Beginners

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Have you decided to learn Mandarin Chinese? 

If so, great choice. Learning Mandarin might not be for everyone, as it is a challenging language that, like most, requires a lot of time and energy to learn. 

If you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, you should first familiarize yourself with these tips for learning Mandarin for beginners. 

Determine How You Might Be Exposed to Mandarin 

First, think carefully about how you might be exposed to the language in the future. Do you live in the United States (or another part of the world besides China or Taiwan) where you will not be frequently exposed to the language? Do you have family or friends in China or another Mandarin-speaking country – or plan to travel there in the future?

This will help determine the intensity of your program, as well as whether you should learn Traditional or Simplified characters. 

Practice as Often as Possible

Do the best you can to listen to, speak, read, and practice Mandarin Chinese as often as you can. Listen to the language on your daily commute, speak with native speakers, and practice, practice, practice. This will help you get your head around the correct pronunciation and will improve your listening comprehension, too.

Find the Right Online Learning Material

Of course, you’ll also want to look for online learning material that will provide you with tips on pronunciation and tutoring when you need it. The Mandarin Reading Club is the best tool you can use in this regard. 


When it comes to learning Mandarin Chinese, you really can’t settle for a basic, one-dimensional approach.your training program should take into account the connections between characters and sounds, pronunciation, and vocabulary recall. 


There are all kinds of options you might consider, from formal online courses offered by universities to unstructured self-study apps. However,  you’ll want to consider the Mandarin Reading Club because it is designed for self-study yet also has an added component of available online tutoring when you need it. 


This makes it the perfect tool for young and old, beginner and intermediate, learners alike.

Seek Ways to Learn – and Actually Remember! – Key Vocabulary 

When it comes to learning Mandarin for beginners, one of the most important things to remember is that you need to learn key vocabulary – but you actually need a way to help you remember it once your courses are over, too.


Mandarin Reading Club provides both. Not only will you be able to access the full Chinese texts of videos with video stories, but you’ll also be able to learn vocabulary from two standard Chinese language proficiency tests – the HSK from China and the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language from Taiwan.


Your learning doesn’t end once you’ve memorized the vocabulary, either, since you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to continue practicing the words later on. The Mandarin Reading Club includes read-aloud stories and other supplemental materials so you can continue to build and strengthen your literacy by reading Mandarin texts on your own. 

Be Consistent

The most important aspect of learning Mandarin? Be consistent! Once you find a method of learning that works for you, stick to a regular routine and practice speaking, reading, and listening to Mandarin Chinese as often as you can. With Mandarin Reading Club, you can do just that.