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Join The Prestigious Enrolled Nurse Course And Gain Experience Working In A Team

Students interested in the nursing assignment help and providing care for the sick should either pursue an enrolled nurse (EN) course or a register nurse (RN) course. A diploma in nursing allows a student to become an enroll nurse and professional practice in medical centers or hospitals.

Students should work towards building the skills for rapid advancement in their professional life and career. Depending on their interests and the various duties of an EN, people should apply for jobs. To be able to apply for jobs, it is important to register with relevant associations and organizations.

Steps To Follow After An Online Enrolled Nurse Course

Enrolled nurses (ENs) are required to finish a vocational course of a duration of two years. During this period, nurses are trained in several areas such as communication and collaboration. ENs are also trained in basic medical skills such as the use of thermometers, blood pressure monitor, and use of syringes.

Students interest in the nursing profession can pursue an online enrolled nurse course and work as an enroll nurse in a team of professionals.

Getting licensed

After getting the diploma course, students must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) to practice as an enrolled nurse in the country. The NMBA registers professionals for midwifery and nursing on behalf of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which contains an overall register for all nurses. Students need to annually renew their membership and register themselves with the local authorities of the state they want to practice in. For example, students should register with the New South Wales Board to practice as nurses or midwives in New South Wales.

To work outside a hospital, students must register with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA).

Choose a specialization

Students may get a job in various sectors such as aged care services, medical clinics, and hospitals. A few of the specializations are mentioned as follows.

  • Mental health
  • Oncology
  • Surgical Nursing
  • Intensive care
  • Aged care

Work experience

As an enrolled nurse, it is important to gain experience to get placement opportunities. ENs must complete a minimum of 320 hours of work to be considered for placement in the healthcare department.

As a student in the enrolled nursing program, they are required to join an internship during their studies.

Establish networks

Students must stay connected in the healthcare sector by attending conferences or lectures regularly. Talking to lecturers and professional speakers helps understand the research department and plan for further studies in the desired specializations.

Having mentors and discussions with peers is beneficial for student nurses to focus on the learning process.

Students May Take Help From The Australian Student And Novice Nurse Association (ASANNA) For Mentorship.

Applying for jobs

Students should create a well-written resume and cover letter to apply for jobs in hospitals or medical centers depending on their interests. It is important to look for opportunities and work towards the desired goals.

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Develop Your Nursing Skills With An Enrolled Nurse Course Online Victoria

As a student of an enroll nurse course online, Victoria, it is important to improve the soft skills to ensure an enrich and successful professional experience.

  • Collaboration skills – Enrolled nurses are often require to work in a team. ENs are require to work on several tasks simultaneously to attain the daily goals of a medical center.
  • Communication skills – ENs are require to interact with register nurses, patients, patient’s families, and other professionals. They may be require to explain to children and laypeople without using jargon.
  • Management skills – Having good managerial skills is imperative for sustained patient care with the help of other assistive professionals in the health care center. Additionally, an EN can advance in their career faster with effective leadership skills.

Pursue A Diploma Of Nursing Course: Learn The Various Duties Of An Enrolled Nurse (EN)

Students are require to work during the course through internships. Students must pursue the Diploma of nursing course to be trained as an enrolled nurse.

Depending on the medical facilities, the duties of an EN are:

  • Maintaining daily checks of a patient through the health chart and measuring vitals
  • Helping patients maintain daily hygiene tasks such as bathing
  • Ensuring that patients receive their daily meals and water supply
  • Assisting professionals with their duties
  • Giving feedback on the quality of care


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