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Is Personal Statement Service Legit? Answers To All The Misconceptions in College Students

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We all know the importance of a personal statement in college or university admission. Students spend their days and nights preparing the best statement for their admission into college. Still, a majority of students are rejected. Due to a lack of depth and value in their content, students use personal statement writing service. But many students have reservations about doing so. These students think it’s illegal to use external help. Is it? Let’s find out in this blog.

Breaking The Misconception of Using Personal Statement Writing Service 

Students, we know you’d love to go to NYU, MIT, CIT, Harvard, etc. You have tried your luck but failed every time. Your family members or friends recommended you use a personal statement writing service. You are hesitating to use it since you have heard from someone that it’s not legal. Have you tried to investigate it?

More than 5000 personal statement writing services are registered in the United States alone. If an essay writing service or student writing help is illegal, how is it possible 5000 companies are registered? This concept is baseless when you think it’s not legal.

Offering services is never illegal and never will be because it provides guidance and understanding of the process. So there’s no need to be skeptical, but the need for education on this matter will solve this problem. There’s a vast list of students studying in top colleges and universities in the USA. Almost 95% of them have received help from a registered personal statement writing service to get through the admission process.

There is not a single law that says taking external help is illegal. You can contact a reliable college student essay writing service anytime in your academic career. These services are considered private tuition providers for students; therefore, they are legal.

Why the Internet is Full of Fake News/ Propaganda About Personal Statement Writing Services

Since internet use is increased by the masses, fake news has taken a sky-high jump. Because most of the information is based on people’s opinions, reliable information is scarce. 

Many students who in the past have selected unreliable and low-quality producing websites do receive rejections. But it doesn’t mean personal statement writing is illegal. Providing a plagiarized essay to your professor or your statement is not legal. Therefore if you order an assignment from an unreliable writer, they will likely provide you with already written content. 

This is the prime reason why innocent students lose their hard-earned money. In response, they think it’s an illegal service. In contrast, an already-used personal statement is illegal. Therefore always ask your writer to provide an authenticity report with the assignment. 

How To Determine Which Personal Statement Is Legit

There are many ways in which you can determine that a writer or a writing website is legit and provides genuine work. Look for the following qualities to determine the legitimacy of online student writing assistance.

Let us help you find an authentic online website that offers original work.

Cheap & Reliable

An original student assignment writing service is always cheap. When you want to hand over your tasks to a good website, if their prices are low, that means they are reliable. Also, look for additional services they offer, along with writing assistance.

Non-Plagiarized Content

A legit college essay writing website always offers non-plagiarized writing. They provide proof of authenticity by many top software detection tools such as Copyscape and Turnitin etc. So in selecting a legit service, ensure the website offers these transcripts.

Free Revisions / Edits

Free revisions and edits are the identities of legit personal statement writing agencies. Whether you buy a basic package or a premium one. A genuine service offers unlimited revisions and edits until your college admission application fits your needs.

Subject Matter Experts Take Care Of Your Work

Legit writing agencies offer their best and expert writers to work on your project. Their writers make your statement or university admission a work of professionals. Therefore rejection is out of the question. You can confidently apply to Harvard, Yale, or Stanford university and enroll in a trouble-free manner.

No Law Says Student’s Helping Websites Are illegal.

In short, no laws say personal statement writing services are illegal, so there’s no need to worry about it. Ensure you have selected a reliable essay writing service that provides the above benefits. 


So, students, we have given you thorough and complete information regarding your reservations. College administration also knows new students need to be aware of many important and technical aspects of the personal statement writing process. Therefore taking outside help from your friends, family members, or a reliable writing agency is considered normal. Get ready and order the best assignment or college admission essay. And make your way into a top college or university.