HP ProDesk 600 G5 Desktop PC Review – Find Price

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The HP ProDesk 600 is a classic desktop PC with required specs and a prominent port collection that indicates to be its selling factor. The horizontal design layout of this PC flaunts a modern array of ports and connectivity options. Plus, this style is best to adjust in lesser space or multiple office-based locations.

There are many HP PCs that may be the perfect option to suit your budget and ample requirements. The HP ProDesk, however, is a powerful yet typical PC computer to go through daily digital tasks smoothly. You will embrace more security features, along with the latest Intel processor and a 3-year warranty.


Processor: Intel Core i7 8th Gen.

Storage: 256 GB HDD


OS: Windows 10 Pro

Graphics: Intel UHD 630 GPU

Warranty: 3 year

Weight: 4.5 kg

Specs Overview:

The processor included is the latest 8th Generation Intel Core i7, which has been provided the base speed of 3.2 GHz. On the RAM and storage side, there is a compatible combination of 8GB RAM and an HDD storage of 256GB. The operating system installed in the PC is the Windows 10 Pro, better known for business operations and user-friendly applications.

The Performance Factor – Hardware Selection

The HP Prodesk 600 follows a standard hardware inclusion, with its 8th Gen Core i7, 8GB RAM and an HDD 256GB storage. Moreover, the graphics are kept on a rather simplified side with Intel Ultra HD 630 GPU setting. Getting in the details, the processor with the base speed of 3.2 GHz and max turbo speed of 4.6 GHz is a power boost. This speed is best for running mid-intense to casual applications or programs on the PC every day or the other. With this frequency, you can count on multiple work-related or even technical software/s to run without any lag.

The RAM in this PC is a solidly decent hardware choice for multitasking scenarios and workarounds. The storage added is not an extravagant option for enhanced storage or having a lot of files in your system. But you can still have your hands on a great amount of programs and files that you can keep in this PC. Regardless, HP hasn’t forgotten to include an SD card option in case you need to increase your storage.

The Style & Build Type

This HP Desktop PC comes with a small-form factor and is designed to fit in any modern space. As we already mentioned before, the PC with its horizontal design is highly space-saving. It allows you to fit it nearly anywhere even if you have very reduced space or room to work with. The black build comes with a silver chin that is allocated with several ports and expansion slots. The grilling design on the front in black is added with air vents that will not let your PC burn out whilst a heavy operation noise or heating.

Ports & More Configuration Options

The HP ProDesk 600 gives us a lot of options in its ports collection. The best part is that they are easy to access and most of them are on the front of the build. So, you can just connect anything as easily as it takes to move a hand to the near spot. The front side, you will be able to view two USB 2.0 ports, a headset connector, 1 USB Type C, 2 USB 10Gbps. Alongside, there are expansion slots included which also have the SD card reader, PCI slots and two M.2 slots.

Security Features

One of the bestselling factors of this HP desktop PC is its extra security features that are added for enhanced protection. There is TPM 2.0 security chip that allows you to encrypt data, and every information that you want to be at safer spot. There is also a hood sensor, drive lock and HP client security suite that HP has included in the PC. Other than them, there are couple of security features that you will come across in this PC. The features are the best inclusion for business users, confidential data storage and many more safety solutions.


In a nutshell, the HP Prodesk 600 is the best computer you can get for casual computing, as well as somewhat complex operations. This means that you can find this PC best for everyday to casual workflow, but in case you have to deal with intense activities, it wouldn’t cause any trouble. This PC can become best-in-use for offices, university labs and technical user routines.