How to Write Compelling Headlines

Last Updated: February 18, 2022By

There is no denying that headlines are important. They are the first thing that people see when they come across your content, and if they are not compelling, there is a good chance that people will not bother reading any further. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to write headlines that engage your audience and encourage them to read more. Stay tuned!

1. Painting a picture

For many people, reading online is not seen as the most pleasurable activity. They would rather watch Netflix any day. Even though that might be the case for some people, you can increase engagement by writing headlines that paint a picture in the reader’s mind so they feel like they are watching a movie instead of reading an article.

2. Be specific and informative

Do not write overly vague or general headlines such as “10 Things That Will Increase Engagement”. Instead, be more descriptive and let your readers know what to expect: “5 Ways To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page”. By being specific and informative, you tell your audience exactly what they will gain from reading the article and therefore entice them to read more.

3. Ask questions

Have you ever noticed how ads on Facebook ask you questions? For example, there might be an ad that says “Do You Think This Video Is Funny?”. It is not only an attention grabber, but it also lets the reader think about their own opinion and therefore increases engagement. Keep this in mind when writing your headlines to increase the likelihood of people clicking your content.

4. Hint at what is to come

Your headline should make people want to read more, but to do that, they first need to know what will happen if they do read more. One way of doing that is by prefacing each paragraph with a short sentence suggesting what might come next. For example: “I never thought it was possible, but this is what happened when I…”

5. Make it clear that the article is relevant to them

If you write generic headlines such as “I am proud of my blog post”, then people will click on it because they are curious about your content. However, chances are they will not be interested in reading the entirety of your article after seeing that headline. To avoid this problem, try using headlines like “How to Increase Engagement By Doing Simple Tweaks | My Blog Post”. This tells the audience exactly what they can expect from your article and how it could benefit them.

6. Be controversial

Headlines work best when they pique curiosity so give people a reason to click through by making an extreme statement or addressing a controversial topic. By doing this, you are giving people an answer to share with their friends and family, which is why they will most likely be encouraged to click your headline even more. You can go even further by using negative or positive words like “Warning”, “Offensive”, or “Amazing”.

7. Use numbers

It makes sense that headlines with numbers in them stand out because it gives the impression of authority, but the real reason why they work so well is because they make it easier for people to scan through your content. Therefore, if you want people to read more than just one paragraph, then use numbers in your headlines!

8. Be descriptive but not too verbose

Even though it might seem like writing short and concise headlines is the best way to go, it does not always make for compelling content. Instead, you should aim for a good balance where your headline tells people what they will get out of reading but still gives them a reason to click on it.

9. Use power words

People might be wondering why use power words when writing headlines? It’s simple: it can increase engagement, traffic and social shares by as much as 95%. That is why we highly recommend that you include those words in your headlines because it can benefit everyone involved!

And there you have it: 9 ways to write more engaging headlines so people do not just scroll past without even noticing…

10. Include numbers and power words

As we mentioned earlier, numbers and power words are known for increasing engagement, but did you know that they can also increase your click-through rate? The reason for this is because they give people a quick way to scan through your content. This makes them more likely to see what interests them and therefore click on it.