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How to Use Instagram Stories (IG) for your Business?

Instagram stories surely are more engaging than Instagram posts. They have more features and are easily accessible. As they appear at the top of the user’s feeds, they are more likely to be viewed rather than getting buried in the feed with other Instagram posts. 


With 500 million people posting stories daily, developing attractive and engaging stories content can help you promote your brand and enhance customer engagement. Keeping Instagram story ads aside, it’s absolutely free, and with appropriate knowledge about what avenues to explore you can surely up your IG stories game. 


Expanding your IG stories’ reach and channelizing them to your website is another effective approach to increase website traffic and boost your reach. Take advantage of social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox Widget to embed IG stories on your website effortlessly. 


Develop innovative IG story  feed instagram widgets with ease and simply copy-paste a code in your website backend to make your widget functional. Let’s dive in to see more ways how to use IG stories to promote your brand. 


Top 3 Tips to use IG stories for your business 2023


Making your stories interesting and engaging becomes easy as there are many features and creative methods available. Make your brand stand out from the crowd and enhance your stories with the following tips. 

  • Update users through Instagram stories

Keep updating your users about a certain event, new product, or any offer or discount currently running. Keep them posted about how your organization works by giving them insights into the work environment. Provide them a link to your website and add a CTA button to encourage them further. Also You can add instagram widget on your website

  • Organize quizzes to voice user opinion 

People love to spread knowledge, especially when it’s super easy and accessible. Organize quizzes around facts and figures about your brand. Allow your loyal audience to show off their knowledge about your brand while understanding what other users don’t know. Develop a series of stories asking questions with options and then posting their answers either in the next story or the next day to keep them engaged. 

  • Up your interaction with a chat sticker 

You heard that right, you can now allow your audience to chat with you via stories. Add the chat sticker to your story and give them access to send you messages directly from the story. You can select up to 32 users who have access; others can request access you approve and voila! Get feedback, new product ideas, hidden purposes about the product, and much more. 


Up to you!

Develop professional photos, expand your reach and make it easy for users to understand your brand better through the power of stories. Design your stories that tell a story and are visually appealing. Leverage the easy-to-use stickers and other story features to make it more engaging and initiate conversations with your users. 

Now that you understand some of the best tips to make fun stories, get on to it and see the results for yourself.