How to Use Instagram Live to Grow Your Business

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In the past, a majority of companies are utilizing Instagram’s potential as a potent promotional tool. Around 71 percent of American businesses utilize Instagram in some form or another. But, only a few have taken advantage of this feature. Instagram Live feature.

Instagram Live is a feature that lets you send live video feeds to your followers and engage with them. For companies, this could be an excellent opportunity to engage with your followers and engage them in a meaningful way. When you build strong relationships with your fans and increase your chances of them becoming paying customers.

The reason why you should have your company make use of Instagram Live?

Instagram Live is a powerful tool that provides businesses with many advantages. Here are some of the most significant advantages of Instagram Live for companies.


Fantastic way to increase the reach of your business through strengthening the relationship you have with your targeted customers. Because you stream live your viewers have the opportunity to view an authentic, unscripted depiction of your company’s image. Although it can be a bit daunting initially, live broadcasting will help you build a stronger connection with your intended audience. Because users can post comments and react in real-time companies have the chance to interact directly with their fans. This type of engagement will build trust and build relationships with potential customers.


Live video is extremely prominent on the feeds of users. If they don’t specifically disable this feature, users are informed when an account that they are following is currently live. If you’re live alongside a person, like an influencer who follows them, their followers will be notified of the live notifications as well. This allows businesses to connect with a larger audience, and potentially build a following on the live streaming.

“Doing an Instagram Live with an influencer whose content and values align with your brand’s is a strategically brilliant move as a business,” says Jeff Perry, a business writer at Essay Roo and Academ advisor. “It exposes a substantial portion of their followers to your brand thanks to the Instagram Live notification and newsfeed priority.”

How do you use Instagram Live for business

For a company, launching your very first Instagram Live can be a difficult experience. Although the live stream will stream in real-time but there are many actions you can take to ensure you’re ready before the event. Here are a few suggestions to assist your company in making use of this effective marketing tool.

Before streaming, make sure that you test for your Internet connection. The higher your speed the better your streaming performance will be. “A good tip before you go Instagram Live is to create another Instagram account,” recommends Mary Rayner, a tech blogger at Uk writings and writing populist. “This could help ease any nerves and allows you to familiarize yourself with the set-up and various functions.”

Luckily, Instagram is very user-friendly and so logging into Instagram Live is relatively simple. You just need to swipe right when you launch the app to access the interface for Stories. Then, choose the Live option on the bottom of the screen and tap it any time you’re prepared.

After the live stream, you can share the stream to IGTV and then post the stream’s preview to your feed. This will save you from having to upload your Instagram Live to your account and allows users who were not able to catch it at a later date.

5 Tips to Engage your viewers on Live on Instagram Live

In terms of a tool to engage with customers, There are numerous possibilities for businesses to benefit from Instagram Live. Here are five strategies to make the most of this feature to engage with potential customers and expand your company’s reach.

#1. Work with an influencer

Since followers are alerted of live streams and Instagram is a major contributor to live stories on their feed, working with an influential person to stream live on Instagram Live is among the most effective ways to acquire new followers for your business via Buy Instgaram Followers Australia.

This method is particularly efficient if the persona of the influencer and beliefs are consistent with the image of your brand. The followers of their influencers tend to be more attracted to the service or product that your company offers. An analysis revealed that 81% of users are using Instagram to determine whether or not to purchase merchandise. 61 percent of people are influenced by the brand, product, or service recommendations made by influencers.

An Instagram Live stream featuring an influencer may convert some of their followers to customers of your company and paying customers.

#2. Host a Q&A

A live Q&A session is a fantastic method to establish confidence with your followers. For businesses, it’s an extremely effective method to address any questions or concerns you have about the product you offer or service. It’s also a fantastic method for your audience to understand the brand you represent.

Instagram Live is a fantastic opportunity to communicate directly with prospective customers. You can also conduct an interactive Q&A session to gain valuable information from the people who are interested in your business, products, or services, as well as their needs.

#3. Interview Someone

Many companies use Instagram Live to interview influencers who have a large number of followers. It is a great method to entice the attention of their followers and to introduce them to your company.

Another option is to speak with an employee or your group. If you’re the one who started your company, you can ask an employee from marketing to speak with you. This allows your intended public to gain a greater insight into the history of your brand and its values.

#4. Do a live tutorial

Tutorials are another great method of engaging with your followers via Instagram Live. Numerous influencers and beauty brands make use of this feature to present the live tutorial for skincare or makeup.

#5. Make a promotion for an event

One of the most simple ways to grow your business with Instagram Live can be to advertise an upcoming launch. If there’s an event that you want to promote, you could live stream it to give your followers access to only the event. Another option is to give glimpses of your product on Instagram Live before the official launch date.

Wrapping up

Instagram Live is a great marketing tool to interact with customers and increase your reach. 83 percent of Instagram users find new services or products through the platform. With the assistance of Instagram Live, they could locate your business.