How to learn the Quran?

How to Learn the Quran Fast at Home?

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Quran is the divine book of Allah. Learning the Quran is mandatory for all Muslims as it contains all the aspects of Muslim life and Islamic knowledge.

Learning the Quran is not easy and it takes some time. We know that time is precious in this era. In the beginning, it seems a very hard task, especially for those people who do not know the Arabic language. Some people think they would never be able to learn and read the Quran properly. But this is a wrong belief, you and your kids can easily learn to read the Quran without mistakes by enrolling in an online Quran recitation course.

There are many ways of learning the Quran and the most traditional way is to visit your mosque or Quran academy daily. But this learning process can be seen only in Islamic countries where the kids can easily learn the Quran with religious teachers.

The people living in UK and USA or other countries cannot arrange traditional Quran classes. For such students, the most effective way of learning is online learning. They can learn the Quran fast and easily at home with online academies.

Quran experts and teachers give five tips to learn the Quran fast at home.

1. Make your goal

If you are living in a non-Muslim country, you will know how difficult and challenging it is to learn the Quran. Before starting your online Quran classes make your goal (learning the Quran) and focus on it. Remove stress and all negative and unwanted thoughts from your mind.

2. Make a comfortable learning environment

It is very important to sit in a peaceful and quiet environment while taking online Quran classes and not to get disturbed by your surroundings. Make sure your internet connection is good. In online Quran classes, your devices such as a laptop or smartphone should work properly.

3. Engage with a certified and trained teacher

Online Quran academies provide their students with male and female Quran teachers. Make sure your online Quran teachers should be qualified, trained, and skilled so that you can easily ask questions. Listen to your teacher properly and repeat after him/her but also engage with your teacher and ask all your questions during online Quran classes. They will point out your mistakes and will help you how to fix them.

4. Practice your lesson daily

If you want to learn the Quran fast you must practice your previous lessons on daily basis. This process of learning will help you in your next lessons and it will improve your recitation and pronunciation of words. Practice your lesson a few minutes before your online Quran class and also repeat your previous lessons as much as you can. Take a pen and paper on your laptop or phone and point out your mistakes on it. This method will help you to fix your mistakes.

5. Increase your learning speed gradually

Although at the beginning of your online Quran class, the short session is much better than a longer session. But after learning the basics of the Quran and Qaida you should try to increase your learning time and speed with the passage of time.

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