How to Exercise to Lose your Belly Fat?

How to Exercise to Lose your Belly Fat?

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People are more likely to develop abdominal fat when they grow older. That was a statement said by a doctor several years ago. Do you believe this? The only people who have belly fat? We are at the age where children’s teens are more likely to become overweight. Because of the lack of vegetables, green fruits or an energizing diet in this rapid-paced society, there is growing belly fat, even in children’s bodies too.

Did you know there are numerous health risks associated with excess belly fat? It’s not just making people feel less confident, but it could also put you in danger of developing health problems. Many issues can be caused by high Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes, breathing issues, Heart Disease and much more. Incorporating physical activities in your routine will aid in reducing the unwanted fats that accumulate in your body. That is why, in this post, I’ve come up with the best exercise for reducing belly fat, with the help of my good friend Jack who is a Certified celebrity trainer and nutrition expert.

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Let’s Begin the Best exercise to reduce Belly Fat.”


The Burpee is a core exercise that targets your chest, chest, lats, quads, shoulder and triceps. It involves plyometric exercises. When squatting at a low angle, you should stand with both feet about shoulder distance. Lower your body until you are on the floor by lowering your hips forward. With your hands slightly out of your feet, move your feet backwards until your chest is on the floor. Then, lift your body to the plank position with your feet on the ground & then move your feet to the side from your arms. With your arms raised and your weight placed to your feet, jump in the air.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise is continuously moving and will strengthen your core. When you are in a high plank position, you should place your wrists directly beneath your shoulders. Ensuring your body is strong by simply drawing your belly button toward your spine is essential. Maintain the strength of your core by pulling your belly button towards your spine. Return to your plank position by pulling your right knee toward your chest. After that, return your left knee to the previous post, driving it towards your chest. When you’re ready, switch sides.

Medicine Ball Burpee

With your legs shoulder-distance apart, place a medicine ball into both hands. The ball should be extended high into the air and then hit as tricky as you can onto the ground while hunching over and leaning back. When you can hinge the ball, bend your knees. Set both hands onto the floor outside your feet and get back to your high-plank stance. Make sure your body is straight as you continue to squat and lift your feet towards the outside of your hands. Then, take the ball with your hands and press it up with your feet, standing up tall and stretching your body.


The stretch is total body exercise that strengthens all the muscles in your body, helps burn calories and helps shape and tone your lower and upper body, focusing on your stomach. It is necessary to squat. Put your feet on the floor and stand, separated by the shoulders and feet. Then, you must return to the plank position by dropping your body down to the floor. After bringing yourself into an upright position, you can squat by keeping your feet away from your hands. Find your balance.

Bosu Ball Plank

The Bosu Plank is more challenging than the regular plank since it tests your balance in the body using your hands resting on the floor. Flip the BOSU ball onto the side of the rubber. Now, after flipping the ball back to its rubber, grip both sides of the ball’s smooth surface using both hands. Be sure to keep your shoulders apart. Then, you must keep the plank in place for 30-45 minutes. To build strength, you must raise the amount of time.

Running on an Incline

A slope instead of a flat surface has been proven to increase the number of calories burned by as much as 50 per cent, as per studies. 5 to 10 minutes uphill walking or jogging for another five or 10 minutes before ramping up your pace and beginning to run. After 5 minutes of exercise, reduce your speed to a walk. For between 30 and 45 minutes, you will need to run between 5 and 1-minute jogging and 5-10 minutes of running alternately.


The Om yoga practice will not produce the same calories as running or lifting weights. It can help you increase your endurance and muscles while simultaneously improving your metabolism. The most efficient yoga poses are Plank and Chair Chaturanga and the wheel.

The following are the best exercises to lose belly fat. This information was provided to me by my good friend Jack, a certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Expert.