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How To Become An Aged Health Care Worker In Australia

There is lots of things that should be thought about before even thinking about working in this industry. You must start with what you want to accomplish, who your decision is going to affect most, and if it is the best thing for you and your family. There are several ways to become an aged health care worker in Australia, but there can be a lot of challenges along the way. You need to make sure you want this for you and your family before taking the first step. If you are thinking about a career in aged health, you may have big dreams. You may think that joining this industry will be a step to great heights of your ultimate career. But where do you begin?

What Kind of Aged Health Care Worker are You?

Before commencing work with an aged care facility in Australia, you should find out which specialized kind of aged health care worker you are. If you have basic knowledge about the education and training required to become an aged health care worker, read further. All aged health care workers have one thing in common: they all have the same desire to work with older people and give comfort to those who need it most. However, what separated the good aged health care worker from the great aged health care worker is his dedication, commitment and attitude towards his job.

Where Does an Aged Care Worker Work?

As an aged care worker, you will be working in one of the hundreds of aged care facilities throughout Australia. These aged care facilities are different in their offering, but all have one goal in mind which is to provide high quality care for their residents. Some commercial aged care facilities may have more luxurious rooms whilst others will be a more basic living arrangement.  Due to the size and variety of these facilities, there will be different employment requirements and salaries depending on your employment conditions and your location.

If you are planning on becoming an aged care worker in Australia, then more than likely you will work in residential aged care homes. Thousands of Australians over 65 years old live in aged care homes with other people who require care and assistance due to their age or impairment. If you decide to become an aged care worker, you will work alongside a great team of staff and help people through some of the most challenging times in their life. Whilst getting a job as an aged care worker isn’t too difficult it does take a lot of training and examinations to get through to be able to do the job.

How Do You Become an Aged Health Care Worker in Australia?

You can become an aged health care worker in Australia if you have a Diploma or Certificate in Aged Care (or equivalent) and at least one year experience working in the aged care sector.

The Health Care Assistant Course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to work as an aged care worker, while the Certificate of Aged Care will provide the skills but not the knowledge.

To gain these qualifications, you need to enroll in an approved training institution and complete a nationally recognized qualification. These courses are usually offered by DP Training around Australia.