How an IELTS Mentor Help Me in Clear IELTS Test?

How an IELTS Mentor Help Me in Clear IELTS Test?


This section has three main parts. how an IELTS mentor help me in clear IELTS test. this is also includes some essential tips and strategies to improve your performance on the exam.

Clear IELTS Test

The second and third parts of this “Exam Specific Tips” section contain specific tips and strategies for succeeding in four parts of the test. We hope these tips and strategies will help you do better on your exam and get the score you need.

IELTS Mentor Help Me in Clear IELTS Test

The first part of the exam-specific tips:

IELTS Mentor Help Me in Clear IELTS Test

Get enough sleep the night before the exam date to stay vigorous and energetic during your exam. Never stay up late that night as it will make you dizzy and affect your performance. If you are late for bed the day before the exam, you will feel lazy and tired during your exam. Don’t think too much about the exam; just convince yourself that you have prepared well and that you will achieve your goal. Relax and think positively. You must sleep 8 hours the night before the exam. That said, don’t oversleep as this may also affect your performance. Keep everything organized, including the things you’ll be bringing to the exam room and the dresses you’re likely to wear for the test.

The Morning of The Exam Day:

  • Eat a light breakfast as you usually do. Also, firstly you visit the restroom before you leave your home.
  • Dress comfortably for the weather and exam location. You’re not going to a job interview, so you should wear the dress you like and feel comfortable.
  • Make sure you already know the location of the exam site. If you are taking the exam in an unfamiliar city, make sure you already know how to get to your exam center.
  • Make sure you have your ID card or passport, pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and all the other necessary documents you will need for the exam.
  • You can only use pencils for the listening and reading sections. So don’t forget to take sharpened pencils, a pencil sharpener and a good eraser with you. Be aware of how much time you can devote to each question.
  • It is also recommended that you DO NOT bring the following items into the exam room unless absolutely necessary:
  • Correction fluid and highlighters.
  • Mobile/cellular phone, smartwatch, tabloid PC, calculator, pager and any type of digital device. (Even if you take them for personal reasons, they should be turned off and kept outside the exam room).
  • Large bags and personal effects.

During The Test:

Your time is valuable during the exam. So don’t waste your time even a second or minute during the test. Otherwise, your overall performance and group score will be affected. You should visit the restroom before the exam begins. You may not be allowed to use the restroom during the exam.

In the event of a problem, speak only to the supervisor/invigilator of the exam. Inform the exam supervisor/invigilator if you believe you have been given the wrong questionnaire, or if the questionnaire is incomplete or illegible.

You cannot lend or borrow anything from another candidate. So don’t try that. Here are some tips to follow during your exam:

Assistance During the Event:

Notify the test proctor/supervisor immediately if test day conditions or the state of the room in any way interfere with your performance. But don’t waste your time asking for an explanation to a question you don’t understand because you can’t ask, and you won’t be given any explanation of the questions. Don’t talk to anyone else (especially any candidate) for advice. You shouldn’t even ask to know the time or borrow a pen or pencil from another candidate.

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