How A Ductless Mini Split Can Be Ideal For Your House

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With noteworthy technological advancements, our HVAC units are too going through some major transformation. Unlike our ancestors, we get to enjoy harsh weathers such as summer and winter in optimum ways. Similarly, another great invention is the ductless mini-split. With time and age, we have seen our lives changing and becoming better due to these cutting-edge pieces of machinery.

A Ductless Mini Split – What is it?

A ductless mini-split consists of a single indoor and outdoor unit. It connects to refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. You can find the indoor unit mounted on the wall and offering heating or cooling in the room. Interestingly, all this without the ductwork. In other words, it is also referred to as a single-zone system with the primary purpose of providing and maintaining the right room temperature. Some ductless mini splits are also able to combine one outdoor unit with up to more than four indoor units making the entire indoor environment completely satisfactory.

Due to their easy installation, simple wiring and refrigerant line are incredibly convenient to use. And undoubtedly, extremely creative too!

How Does A Ductless Mini Split Work?

The primary process that a Ductless Mini Split uses is similar to that of a traditional air conditioner. A central air conditioner utilizes a single indoor unit to cool the entire home through several vents and ducts. In contrast, a ductless mini-split has the potential to cool the whole living room.

It consists of an evaporator coil, a blower fan, an outdoor system with a compressor, a fan, and a condenser coil. Both the units connect with electrical wiring and copper refrigerant tubing. However, we should not forget that they, too, need proper HVAC maintenance

You can place outdoor units outside at a place to minimize the noise from reaching the indoor spaces. The outdoor compressor unit draws out chemical refrigerant via a refrigerant tubing to the coil of the indoor unit.

When the liquid refrigerant changes to gas, heat, and humidity blow across the coil reducing the excessive humidity levels in the living room.

Benefits Of A Ductless System

  • A mini-split system is easy to install compared to a traditional central air conditioner.
  • If a home does not have ductwork present already, it can take a reasonable amount of time to install a new one. And it is truly an expensive and complicated procedure.
  • You can enjoy complete control of temperature for each room.
  • The unit has the potential to cool down or heat the room as per your requirements.
  • Mini-splits are energy efficient and therefore do not lose air through any leaks in the ducts.
  • The inverter compressors work alongside the needs of the systems instead of bringing the entire system to a halt.
  • The splits do not take too much space and do not make noise.


When selecting a mini-split, it is better to go for a suitable size for your room. If you haven’t yet thought about buying one, it is time you start considering it. Most importantly, it is better to take guidance from a professional such as Bob’s Climate Control regarding what can work best for your home.