Google Give Tips on How Companies Should Hire SEOs

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Description: Many companies hire SEOs, but don’t know how to hire the right people. This is because most recruiters aren’t trained in SEO. Google recently has recruiters some advice on how to hire SEOs.

Header1: Google Give Tips on How Companies Should Hire SEOs


Digital marketing is not yet a field everyone has some idea about. At a normal small or medium-sized company, it would be no surprise to find only one or two people who really know a thing or two about digital marketing.

Since only a few people at any given company know anything about digital marketing, the process of hiring an SEO professional becomes more tedious than anyone can anticipate. This is because HRs and recruiters charged with hiring an SEO do not know the first thing about the kind of things an SEO must know.

This creates a significant problem for employers. Hiring SEOs is not easy. Companies are often fooled into hiring candidates who are nearly not qualified enough to work as SEOs. This leads to a situation where companies lose trust in digital marketers in general, which is bad for all parties concerned, especially the overall digital marketing industry.

Many companies, in fact, work with top digital marketing institutes to better understand how SEOs are supposed to be hired. To address this problem being faced by marketers, Google recently gave away some pointers on how to hire SEOs. We discuss these points in this article.

Ask SEO How Current Business Website Can be Improved

The first thing you should ask an SEO is to list down some changes he/she would bring to your existing website. This will immediately make the SEO recall his/her analytical skills and give you a better look at how the candidate could help your company specifically.

The suggestions the SEO offers can range from changes in content to the technical structure of the website. The nature of these suggestions will help a recruiter understand the deficiencies in their own website as well as the ability of the SEO to point out immediate changes that can improve the website.

To differentiate good SEOs from bad in this area, hire SEOs who give concrete suggestions and not vague ideas.

Make Sure SEO is Goal-Oriented

The best SEOs are the ones who don’t simply follow a generic approach to making an SEO strategy and instead modify their approach based on the goals and the audience.

An SEO, in essence, has to be a marketer first. Only then would he/she be capable of understanding what needs to be done to make an SEO campaign successful.

In Conclusion

Google understands that many companies hiring SEOs do not know how to hire the right people. This is why it recently gave some crucial advice to recruiters on how to hire SEOs for their companies. In this article, we discuss the advice Google has for recruiters.

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