Golf Attire Guidelines for Men – How to Dress on the Course

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Golf has always been a game for royalty, ladies, and gentlemen. That is one of the basic reasons why, even in today’s society, there is still a sense of formality when playing golf. This is seen, in particular, in the apparel that people wear when they play. Most golf clubs and courses now have a particular dress requirements that are tightly enforced. So, if you are preparing to go to play golf with your friends or talk business with one of your clients on the course, it is great if you know the basic principles of golf clothes and dress etiquette that you should never break.


Guidelines to Dress-up for Playing Golf

These dress code guidelines are not only limited to the rules; they are also intended to guarantee that amateur players follow a specific protocol to help preserve the game’s traditions.

So, let’s go a little more specific. Remember, many golf shops are out there that can assist you in selecting the correct outfit – and we recommend searching at online sources for amazing prices – which will also provide you with ideas and inspiration. Let’s begin at the bottom and work our way up!



Footwear is considered an important piece of game equipment. Golf shoes aid in the stabilization of a player’s swing, give traction when walking, and provide comfort over a multi-hour round. The soles of these shoes are spiked. Many courses now need “soft” spikes composed of firm rubber or plastic, rather than typical metal spikes. Furthermore, various styles of shoes that look to provide the same level of comfort and stability are not always approved. Sneakers or running shoes are occasionally permitted on golf courses, but not usually. Most courses do not allow sandals, street shoes, or boots.



Socks are just as important with shoes as they are with any other type of athletic footwear. Socks have become an important aspect of golf apparel throughout the years, owing to advancements in textiles that assist keep a golfer’s feet comfortable and dry. Golf socks are available in several styles. Many golfers wear ankle-length socks with shorts that are hardly visible over the shoes. Traditional tube socks, on the other hand, are authorized. Although a course dress code is unlikely to define the type of socks a player may wear, there is unstated etiquette that demands a player to wear socks that suit the outfit.



Ankle length pants made up of cotton or a polyester blend, or dress shorts with a pleated or flat front should be worn by men. On the front or side of these clothes, there is a cut pleat or V-notch that allows for movement during the golf swing. Men and women are normally not allowed to wear cut-off jeans or workout, running, or basketball shorts.



Some of the more exclusive courses will not allow men to wear shorts, but most will allow them to wear decent, just above-the-knee shorts in hot weather. The rule is to maintain the modesty of the game!


 Custom Golf Polo Shirt

Almost all golf courses require males to wear collared custom golf polo shirts. Typically, this refers to classic cotton, microfiber, or polyester custom golf apparel. Some course administrators also permit modern-style golf shirts with a turtleneck collar. Women’s golf tops with or without collars vary significantly, but all adhere to a traditional notion of modesty. This includes no bathing suits or tube tops. T-shirts and tank tops are typically not authorized for both men and women.




You may have an image of a patterned golf sweater, usually with a diamond pattern theme. This is probably the most common pattern for playing in cooler temperatures, but it is not a necessity!

Keep it basic, and remember that a tight sweater is the recommended fit for guys which gives both, smartness and comfort. Sweaters that are too big may be frowned upon. Also, the collar of your shirt must be tucked inside the sweater — this is a customary technique.



Not every round of golf is a stroll in the park. You may need to play in cold and damp weather, in which condition waterproof jackets or anoraks, both for men and women, are absolutely fine. You may have a nice range of jackets from which you can choose and can get a sense of style.

Tight-fitting jackets are best for comfort and ease of play, and it is advised to avoid wearing denim jackets or anything with fur since they can get you turned away!



Golf caps are not typically mentioned in a dress code, although certain headwear is more appropriate. Visors or baseball-style hats are the most popular on the golf course for both men and women. Their principal role is to help protect against the sun. Straw hats of various types, as well as Ben Hogan caps, are authorized. Cowboy hats, formal fedora-style hats, beanie caps, and humor hats, on the other hand, are generally not suited for a golf course.



We hope the list of advice and guideline will assist you in selecting the ideal golf apparel, so get dressed up and enjoy your game!