Gift of Love and Care from Wardrobe

We love our close family and friends. In order to love them we sometimes gift them to make the special days and moments memorable. Money can’t buy them everything, but a token of love and care can.

Why gift someone you love and care about? 

We believe that by gifting we would be able to establish a relationship with another person. Not only romantic relationships but also friendship, professional relationships, relative relationships or true mentorship, etc.

Apart from special occasions like festive periods or other major special occasions, it is advisable to practice giving gifts to make the emotional bonding stronger. It creates a special achievement and moment special, magical and unforgettable. Even it has been an important part of interacting with others.

Here are some top reasons on why you should gift someone you love and care for:

  • To express love
  • To make someone feel special
  • To appreciate someone
  • To encourage people
  • To express your care for the receiver
  • To congratulate someone
  • To remember your experience

To be sorry

To express love

 We can not express love in words always, sometimes we have to depend on gifts to express them. Here comes the importance of gifting; it is the language of love. When it is not possible to express love in words we take the help of gifting, although it might be a small gift the value of it is precious.

There are many kinds of gifts that foster a stronger bond with the giftee. Nowadays personalized gifts like photo books, photo mugs, photo pillows, and framed prints are shaking the world with style. Mugs, show-pieces, and utility accessories are also very popular to gift someone.


To make someone feel special

To gift someone a gift is another way of making him feel very special. Giving a gift to your co-worker who is changing jobs; a family member or a friend planning to leave the city; is just a way to show gratification to him/her. The giftee is always going to remember you for the token of love given by you. They will appreciate that you took the time to find something special for them.


To appreciate someone

You may gift someone a gift to reward them for good behavior or achievement, for example gifting your children a new storybook for their good behavior. To appreciate someone is another reason to gift something. Apart from gifting someone on designated holidays and birthdays, you may simply appreciate someone by gifting him/her something. Even if the gift is of lower price or small it adds a huge value to the giftee.

You may showcase your appreciation to your boss or colleagues by gifting them something. The gift is going to be encouraging to them and they will feel special.


In short, you may give gifts to people who have touched your life to show your appreciation for them. Their effort, guidance, help, and presence in your life would be gratified by your appreciation.


To encourage people
It is a good way to give enthusiasm to someone if you gift him/her encouragement. When it comes to gifting everyone gets excited to receive gifts, in order to pay it forward they get the opportunity to become generous.

Essentially the act of giving encourages others to do the same thing as well, not only to friends and family but also to strangers who get them and makes them feel cared for, loved and happy.

To express your care for the receiver

Gifting is another way to show how much you care for the receiver. Be it your friend, brother, sister, sibling, parents, relative, or colleague gifting outside a holiday or special day brings joy instantly to his/her face. As there is nothing compared to the magical and delightful moment of receiving even a small gift unexpectedly.


To congratulate someone

People, in general, loved to be praised and appreciated. Whether it’s your child getting a high score on a test, your cousin finally landing a job with prospects, or a colleague solving a problem at official work, the more you acknowledge their achievements, the better they will feel and become motivated to perform even better.



To remember your experience

If you capture the beautiful memories and make them merged into a gift it becomes precious. A picnic, a sudden visit to surprise your friend on his/her birthday, a trip to the amusement park, or a weekend tour in a scenic meadow becomes memorable that you will cherish for your lifetime by turning the photos into incredible gifts.


To be sorry

We have to accept the fact that people make mistakes and they make them mostly unknowingly.  So no one is free from making mistakes. Sometimes all it takes is a thoughtless comment, a sudden mood swing, or a little disappointment in life.


In any case, you may experience guilt for hurting someone physically or verbally. To manage the situation, it is the best decision to gift that person and write a little note to be sorry.


Gift of love and care from the house of Wardrobe 

In Wardrobe, we provide you with various gifts which suit your requirements. Gifts that will make the receiver full of happiness and make him/her delighted and pampered.  

We offer you a variety of beautiful


  • Handmade designer Jewellery
  • Wall hangings
  • Handmade keyrings
  • Bags


To make you feel special in all occasions along with gifts outside any special holiday or celebration.

Handmade designer Jewellery 


Being Jewellery Manufacturers and Suppliers in Kolkata, it’s our responsibility to provide you with the best services on time to make a benchmark in our industry.


We have the best jewelry in Kolkata in our stock.


Our Designer jewelry will surprise the giftee as all of our designs not only look awesome but they stand out from the others.


Exclusive Jewellery for Women are getting popular among all generation irrespective of gender, even men nowadays order jewelry for the near and dear women of their lives.


We offer you an exclusive collection of handmade jewelry.

  • Terracotta pendant set and earring Jewelry
  • Fabric Jewelry
  • Dokra pendant set Jewelry
  • Jute pendant set and earring Jewelry

Terracotta pendant set and earring Jewelry

Our terracotta collection would take you in a world of beauty. There is a nice collection of terracotta necklace sets and a beautiful, colorful set of terracotta earrings.


The terracotta necklace sets are sober, elegant, and perfect to go with saari or eastern wear. The designs speak a lot themselves, once the visitor glances at the designs they are hooked by the creativity and eternity. The more they browse, they like most of our items to make them part of their valuable collection.


Come and Buy Terracotta Jewellery Online.

Fabric Jewelry 


A fresh new collection of Fabric jewelry for women has arrived recently. There are a set of collections including kalamkari, Worli, hand-painted, jewelry with Cowrie, and so on. A lot of designs have conquered the hearts due to their ethnic looks, the designs have stitches, small glasses, cowries, beads, wool, and colorful threads as elements.

Dokra pendant set Jewelry 


One of the most liked jewels in our collection is Dokra Jewelry. The Dokra pendant set and earrings are creations of our expert artisans. The glowing look of the Dokras makes our collection rich and classy.

Dokra pendant set Jewelry 

One of our the liked jewelry of us is Dokra Jewelry. The Dokra pendant set and earrings are creations of our expert artisans. The glowing look of the Dokras makes our collection rich and classy.


Jute pendant set and earring Jewelry 


The lightness of Jute jewelry makes it easy to wear throughout the day. Women carry it, especially on a regular basis. It could also be sighted with mostly all special occasions like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, and so on.

Our Jute pendant set and earrings are colorful, trendy, and easy to carry. It is also pocket-friendly to buy more than one item.

Wall hangings 

We are one of the decorative wall hanging exporters in India. Buy gifts from our large variety of wall hangings. The variations in designs make your home décor look elegant and classy. The nature-friendly look broadens your home’s simplicity.

So, hurry up and gift your family, friends, colleagues, and relatives our wall hangings.

Handmade keyrings 

It’s fun to browse through our cute collection of Handmade Key Rings. All the pieces we have are unique and perfect to gift to someone. We love to make our home décor look awesome. In order to do so we plan to make even our keyrings look fancy and different from others. If you buy one from us, you will get the ultimate solution to make your keyring look great.


Our decent set of designer jute and canvas bags is just perfect for gifting someone. Nothing could be a better gift to a stylish woman than a designer bag that suits her look on all occasions. The newly arrived hand-painted jute bags are also making you fall for them.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best unique bag from our store.