Effective Ways to Overcome Insomnia

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The wide-eyed insomniac who’s up reading and wondering how to cure insomnia quickly. Insomnia doesn’t have any ready fix.

You see, your habit of losing sleep didn’t happen overnight, so the cure can’t be cooked up instantly. Instead, you will need to adapt to a handful of habits and doings that will slowly but surely help cure insomnia naturally.

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Scroll down to find out more on healthy sleep and wake cycle, why choosing a GOLS certified mattress matters, fitting evening exercise into your routine, and everything else in between.

Understanding Insomnia

Before you know what all you can do to usher in a good slumber, understanding insomnia is important.

At the outset, insomnia can be classified into three broad types– transient insomnia (lasting for less than a week), acute insomnia (exceeding over a week but lasting less than a month or so), and chronic insomnia (existing over months, even years).

What makes treatment of insomnia rather difficult is the absence of any formal criteria. Besides a handful of factors, this is chiefly because determining the adequate amount of sleep required varies from one individual to another. With temporary insomnia, things are even difficult as one might have problems in falling asleep, waking up too soon or frequently, having trouble in keeping up a regular sleep cycle, or a combination of all these issues.

No matter what, here are a few things that one can adapt to effectively overcome insomnia.

Design An Inviting Atmosphere In Your Bedroom

Focus on the interiors of your bedroom to help transform the place into an inviting and exciting one.

Starting with the walls, decide on a color that is soothing and establishes a tranquil effect, like white for instance. Next, pay attention to the lighting and work in layers. Also, make sure you are cleaning and replacing your linens frequently.

Further, keep your bedroom furniture to a minimum–if you have a TV in your bedroom, consider unmounting and shifting it to the living room. That way, you will do away with a very big element of distraction.

Also, keep your bedroom as clutter-free as possible, as undue clutter is known to incite feelings of anxiety which in turn can keep one awake for late hours at night.

Sleep experts and researchers also believe that one should treat their bedroom as a sacred place, reserved only for sleeping and intimate activities. Thus, avoid eating or working on your bed during the daytime.

Choose The Right Mattress

Do you have issues falling asleep at home but not when you are on vacation or sleeping at other places?

Well, chances are you are going wrong with selecting your mattress. Anyone who has been complaining of insomnia must invest in a GOLS certified mattress. A GOLS certified mattress for their bedroom as it ticks all the right boxes like nothing else in comparison.

GOLS certified mattresses use natural latex. It is inherently comfortable due to their inbuilt springiness and are often recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists alike. Plus, with organic latex in the picture, you will never have to worry about spine alignment or improper cushioning.

Moreover, if a couple sleeps on a GOLS certified mattress, the natural latex evenly distributes the weight and doesn’t transfer the movements across either side, thereby offering a blissful sleeping experience.

Furthermore, a GOLS certified mattress is also non-toxic and does not use any chemicals whatsoever. They are also naturally resistant to dust, mites, mold, and other pathogens that can cause allergies and other respiratory issues. The presence of organic latex also makes it a superior choice to be used across all seasons and does not allow the body sweat to get absorbed.

Lastly, a GOLS certified mattress that uses organic latex stays intact over years of usage, which can seldom be found in mattresses that use other make-material.

Consider “Reconditioning”

Sleep psychologists are often known to encourage people in trying a process known as “reconditioning”. It’s a pretty simple one, where a person having insomnia may consider getting out of the bed and moving to a different room.

Doing so often helps an individual associate the bed with sleeping alone (but not waking). If you are having trouble falling asleep lately, reconditioning can be a great method to fall back to your regular sleeping cycle.

Put A Leash On Smoking, Caffeine, And Alcohol Consumption

Smokers and coffee drinkers often have trouble catching a goodnight’s sleep. Thus, it is advised that you cut down on your consumption of caffeine (including carbonated beverages) and nicotine.

Also, some people choose to have a drink or two as an aid to sleep. This is a poor practice as it adds to the body’s dependency on alcohol to fall asleep every single time. Instead, you should try to sleep and wake at a particular time. It will help you to fall back into a normal and healthy cycle. Also, to shake things up a little bit, indulge in some light exercise in the evening. That way, your body will automatically crave rest when it’s night.

Wrap Up

If you are looking to cure insomnia without medication, the above list of doings might come in real handy. From choosing to sleep on a GOLS certified mattress to setting up the right atmosphere, healthy habits, and trying alternate methods can make a significant difference in treating insomnia.