First Day at College

Do’s and Don’ts for Your First Day at College

So are you done with your school life? Now is the time to get admission in a college. Students usually get tense about their first day at college. You have to leave your school friends. You have to face many problems. It is a day that has a mixture of both pleasure, and stress. You, as a student, can sort out everything very easily. But it always takes time. You have to fund your class, class schedule, and all that related stuff. This is because you’ve stepped into higher education now. So that there would not be a case of spoon-feeding.

If you are an extrovert, then it would not be a big deal for you. You can efficiently handle things. But if you’re not an extrovert, then it will be a little tricky for you. You have to take care of some do’s and don’ts for your first day at college. Let’s discuss these points one by one.

Do’s for Your First Day at College

Be on Time:

The first day at college is always the day of interaction. You have to interact with your professors, and fellows as well. If you’re late on your first day, it will leave a bad impression. Everyone may take you as an irresponsible, or disinterested person. It does not matter whether you have to attend the class physically, or online. But you have to be on time. Try to leave your home before the exact time. You may face any traffic or parking issues. But by leaving home before time, you can save yourself from getting late. Through this, you can reach your class before time. That is fine enough.

Proper Preparation:

On your first day of college you have to be prepared. Let’s suppose you’re taking a cooking class. How would it look if you don’t have the ingredients? It would not make sense to be present in the class. Same is the case with your class at college. You must have your ingredients with you. Here the ingredients are a pen, paper, calculator, and books. You can also go for a digital recording system. It is not necessary to have a register. You are well familiar with the books. But you should arrange all books beforehand. It is also important to ensure presence in the class with your material. If college has provided the schedule and class material, then you must carry those.

Social Circle:

According to a dissertation writing service, your first day at college is the best chance to interact with others. Everyone introduces himself/herself in the class, and makes connections. Be confident and talk to your fellows. Alone you would not find anything. But two to three people can manage things well together. For this, you have to introduce yourself and ask some interesting questions. They can be in the form of their career, or feelings about the first day. You can also ask about the problem they faced in finding a class. Good interaction with class fellows can help you in future projects. Ensuring fun with education is an amazing thing. For this, you should have a good social circle that can help you in both ways.

Make Out A Plan:

At the end of college time, your goal for the first day does not end. Now you have to take some time to plan your course. College time is a golden period for you to start working on your lifetime goal. Here you have to work hard at any cost. So create a timeline that can help you in meeting the deadlines. Plan your whole day thoroughly. Divide the time for your main courses. You should also plan your entertainment time. Divide your whole day into small chunks. Make sure you have added some extensional time to your schedule. Whenever you face any unexpected happening, it will help you in managing that. Suppose you couldn’t cover your project in the planned time. Then you can utilise your extra time for that. You can also utilise that for any family emergency. Your timetable will help you in managing everything smoothly.

Don’ts for Your First Day at College

Over Preparation:

You know it’s your first day. And first day is always a day of interaction instead of studies. The teacher will only introduce the course. The basics of each subject will be a main objective of the first day. So you don’t have to be over-prepared for it. Don’t put a lot of burden on your back. Just go with basic stationery and books. This is because you have to focus on your schedule. Understand things, and grasp the important points.

Don’t Expect It To Be A Free Day:

It is very right that you don’t get much work on your first day at college. But it does not mean that you should take it as a free day. On first day, the teacher usually teaches you the basics of a course. If you miss the basics, how would you get the complex concepts? It would not be surprising to get homework on your first day. Maybe some teacher might give you tons of homework. So don’t ever expect it to be a free day.

Avoid Being Hesitant:

Another important thing to note is not to hesitate at all. On your first day, you will have many times to explore within the institute. There would not be any assignment submission. So there would not be a need to rush for anything. Be relaxed, and explore your surrounding without hesitation. Don’t spend all day, and break within your class. You can check other classes, libraries, and sports areas of your college.

Don’t Dress Inappropriately:

In college, you don’t have to wear a particular uniform for your first day at college. But it does not mean that you can wear anything. It’s an institute where you have to behave like a good student. You have to dress well too. As you know that first impression is the last one. Some students take this so lightly that they wear shorts and t-shirts. It seems very silly on their part. There is no need to look like a professional. But you need to be presentable in the least. You have to face professors there.