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Different Types of Cupboard hinges and their Functions

Every kitchen cupboard uses concealed hinges which are known as cabinet hinges or cupboard hinges. Generally, most people are unaware of the wide variety of sizes and types available. Moreover, each cabinet hinge has a unique set of uses. Due to these aspects, before replacing a hinge in your kitchen or house, you should determine the suitable door catches and hinge. In this blog, you will learn to replace a hidden hinge and get assistance to determine which one you need. There are a number of reasons to look at the fantastic hinge. This will enable you to narrow down the available possibilities to get the closest match based on your selections.


Most Frequently used Different Hinges 

  1. Concealed Full Overlay Hinges

The majority of kitchen manufacturers use this kind of hinge. This is because it entirely conceals the cabinet to which the doors are fastened. When you look at it, you’ll notice that the arm is straight. This will enable the cupboard door edge to be perfectly parallel to the cabinet edge. By delicately adjusting the three tiny screws, it is fully adjustable. 

Also, allowing the door frame to be completely hidden and to fit together snugly. While replacing a cupboard hinge, it’s crucial to keep in mind other variable aspects. These aspects could affect the product you need to buy. They include the cup hole width, which on bigger doors could be 26mm, 35mm, or 40mm. 

Furthermore, the hinges we provide come in a variety of configurations for 15mm and 18mm carcass thickness. If we talk about the hinge opening angle, they can change from 95 to 170 degrees. Full overlay hinges with a soft closing feature to prevent slamming.


  1. Concealed Half Overlay Hinges

The door can be positioned on either side of a central carcass panel. This is very similar to the full overlay hinge. The half overlay hinge will feature a bent arm as opposed to the full overlay hinge’s straight one. 

With this, the cabinet door edge is able to cover half of the side panel while the other half is uncovered. In this way, both kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes frequently employ this particular style of hinge. When changing a cupboard hinge, it’s crucial to keep in mind other variable aspects. 

These pointers affect the product you need to buy, such as the cup hole width sizes. In addition, the hinges we provide come in a variety of configurations and various carcass thicknesses. Half overlay hinges with a soft closing feature to prevent slamming.


  1. Hidden Inset Hinges

As opposed to the first two, this form of the hinge will have a considerable crank in the arm, allowing the cabinet door to be inset, or set inside, the cabinet frame, entirely exposing the exterior border of the cupboard. 

These hinges are typically found on antique solid wood furniture because they beautifully display the cabinet door’s hardwood frame. These hinges are also utilized with glass doors on things like kitchen display cabinets. When changing a cupboard hinge, it’s crucial to keep in mind other variable aspects that could affect the product you need to buy. 

They are such as the cup hole width, which on bigger doors could be in different sizes. Additionally, the hinge opening angle can change the minimum required degrees. Inset overlay hinges with a soft closing feature are also available.


  1. Corner Blind Hinges

These types of blind hinges are fixed to 90-degree cabinet end panels and use this type of hinge. The mounting plate and hinge must be fixed to the fascia at a minimum from the inside edge.


  1. Corner Hinge in Two Folds

In double-door corner cabinets, this kind of hinge is employed. They are helpful to join the first door to the side panel of the cabinet using a hinge. Moreover, for the second door to the first door use a Bi-Fold hinge. For kitchen corner cabinets equipped with carousels, it is the perfect product to use.


  1. Semi-concealed hinges

They are another name for face frame hinges and on the frame, they are mounted. While the door wing is fastened to the back of the door, the frame wing is still visible. Only the knuckle or the entirety of a flush hinge is visible. Along with this, the door wings and the frame are mounted inside.


  1. Full overlay hinges

For this type of hinges, interior or exterior full overlay hinges options are available. These hinges are attached to doors when the closed door’s end completely encloses the cabinet frame.


  1. Half Overlay Hinges

If we talk about the half overlay, they might be entirely interior or outside. With these hinges, the closed door completely encloses the cabinet frame. The inside of the cabinet frame is flush with the closed cabinet face and the inset hinges are mounted. You can use them as hidden or made public as per your needs. Keep in mind, these hinges won’t allow you to open a cabinet without a doorknob.

There is a normal 1-inch space that is allowed between doors when using partial overlay hinges. Furthermore, this makes it possible to observe the face frame. With this, doors with partial overlay hinges can be opened without the use of any hardware. Hinge mounts that are surface mounted are completely visible from the front of the door. They can be installed without needing a hole.

In the case of overlay doors on framed cabinets, adjustable overlay hinges are created. The wraparound hinges and the hinge leaf wraps around the frame. In addition, two of the frame’s sides are touched by a partial wrap. The three frame sides are touched by a complete wrap around the frame.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cabinet hinges and drawer slides are simple but essential components of storage systems. This is because you might be surprised to learn that there are various varieties. So, it is important to know which cupboard hinges you require depending on the way your cabinet is built. Particularly, how the face frame, door catches, and door are covered. In a similar way, the sort of drawer slide you want depends on where it needs to be mounted. Hopefully, now you have learned many kinds of drawer slides and cabinet hinges in this article. By doing this, you will be assured that the cabinet hardware you buy is appropriate for your cabinet system.


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