Difference between blankets and quilts

We know every society has its own traditions and culture. The people have their own likes and dislikes. In past, the bedding products were simple and don’t have too much variety. Many items including quilts are made at home. It was a handmade art which is similar to the comforter of these days. It is use in South Asian countries as blankets are prepare and use in American and European societies. Both the blankets and Quilts are use to protect people against cold in winter. The quilts and blankets are prepare at home and use for years. The quality of cotton, wool, polyester and fabric is very important while manufacturing a quilt.

Now, this art has become an industry. People have established industry and they have installed special machines to produce quilts. It not only improved the quality but increased the production too. The manufacturers produce quality quilts and blankets in a variety of designs and colors. We know that in native America woven blankets are widely use and people weave them at homes. They complement their beddings and provide heat to their users. They use wool to weave their blankets but now different other materials are also being use to prepare them. The blanket industry are develop and spread all over the world.

Your bedding is not complete without a blanket or quilt. The quilt is like a blanket but differs in its manufacturing. It is a cover of cloth in which cotton, wool, or polyester is filling. This cover is stitch from three sides and after filling the remaining side is also stitch. In past, only cotton was being used but now different materials are use to fill it. The prices of quilts vary according to the material, stitching, and fabric. It is a traditional type of comforter but it is very hot and provides heat to your body immediately. The blankets are prepare with different materials such as wool and polyester and their prices also vary accordingly.

This industry is develop and now special units have been installed to produce “Quilt”. The latest form of this tradition is in the form of Gul Ahmed Vicky Razai. They are available for single and double beddings. You can use covers to wrap it for protection due to which you can keep it clean for a long time.  In the modern world, comforter sets are available in which a bed sheet is available with two pillow covers and a comforter. This comforter is a kind of quilt that provides heat to your body. They are available in a variety of colors and designs.

“Quilt” is a heavy item so it becomes difficult to wash or clean so you need to keep it with care. We have to keep it away from liquid because once a liquid is drop on it then it becomes wet and it is not easy to wash and dry it. It is an alternate blanket that is use widely in different areas of Pakistan and India. In past, it was an example of domestic artwork because quilts were being produced in homes by the family members. They used to stitch a cover and put cotton, wool, or polyester in it and then sew it. You can put a cover on it for more protection and heat.

It is a tradition to give quilts to brides in marriage ceremonies in South Asian countries. These fancy, comfortable, soft quilts are manufacture by hand. They are heavy and colorful which are mostly prepare at homes by the ladies of the families. This tradition has become rare in cities and people started to use blankets instead of quilts but in villages, the traditions are still the same. These quilts are part of their beddings and go to the grooms’ house.

Gul Ahmed Vicky Razai are available in a wide variety. They are prepare according to the requirement of the area. We know there are many regions in the world where the temperature goes in minus. In some areas, the winter seasons are not much severe. So the manufacturers use different materials for different kinds of areas. They provide different levels of heat to the user.  The hotter the blanket the higher its price is. When we talk about the quilt the same techniques are apply to it. The filling and fabric material are use accordingly.

The markets are full of a wide variety of quilts and blankets. You select one of them according to your requirements and budget. You consider colors and designs of the quilt and blanket. According to the color scheme and carpet color of the bed room. You can buy them online and offline at reasonable prices. There are many websites that sell quilts and blankets online. You can buy a quilt separately or in the form of a bedding set which includes bed sheet pillow covers, cushions and a comforter.