Die Cutting And Embossing – Perfect Combination For Sleeve Box

Every business is keen to develop appealing promotional, marketing material and packaging boxes which can be positively acknowledged by their target market. To widen their consumers’ circle, they always are on a hunt to find packaging materials, designs and ideas to excite their potential customers. Aside from consumers, these promotional products are designed to entice stores and markets to get the offerings of these businesses.


There are two best finishing techniques which are used to create any brand’s promotional materials and packaging boxes. These two techniques are known as die-cutting and embossing. Both methods provide innovative enhancements and embellishments that can make the packaging boxes stand out from the rest. The reason for using techniques is to create unique packaging boxes. Various marketing studies and have shown that well-designed packaging and excellent promotional materials help in elevating the brand’s identity and ultimately drive the sales up. Therefore, almost every business and brand has jumped on the bandwagon of making premium quality customized packaging boxes.


Die Cutting On Custom Printed Sleeve Boxes


At The Legacy Printing, the sleeve boxes wholesale are made with die-cut option as well. Die-cutting is a type of fabrication technique which is done through specialized machines and tools to cut, form, and shear stock materials. Some of these products include office supplies, sleeve boxes wholesale, and others. These techniques maximize metal cutting shapes or die cuts, which can be used to create custom shapes and intricate designs to create custom printed sleeve boxes.


As mentioned previously, die-cutting uses die cuts to cut patterns on a sleeve box. he die cuts used for die cutting are often integrated with sleeve packaging design components to produce complex yet unique finished products such as custom printed sleeve boxes. Other products may include labels, tokens, boxes, envelopes, and others.

With die-cutting, precisely positioned blades are often mounted on a backing and are constructed into a pre-determined form. These blades are pressed onto the material surface, which consequently produces beautiful and classy designs and cuts. The die used in this technique can cut through various layers at once. Moreover, several

dies can be used together on a spacious mount. By doing so, you can produce a higher volume of cuts under only one press.




Embossing is another finishing technique used to create appealing sleeve box. It is a method of creating illustrations, text or designs in different types of paper and other packaging materials. The embossed pattern can be a text, logo, and other images that are raised against the surface. This method creates a three-dimensional character. Embossing adds visual depth and complexity in sleeve packaging design.


The dies used for embossing are different. The dies have either raised surface formatting surface. The dies press into the paper and consequently raise the images of the composition of the printed piece. Instead of cutting the packaging material the, embossing reshapes the packaging box pre-set design and pattern.


Debossing is also a finishing technique used on packaging boxes. It also works similarly to embossing. However, one significant difference is that in this technique, the design and pattern printed on a depressed surface. There are many types of embossing. Some of them include blind emboss, registered emboss, glazing, and scorching. The most common products which are finished through embossing touch include certificates, files, pamphlets, company letterheads, business cards and most crucial customized packaging boxes.