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Decoding Affiliate Marketing: Know ‘What’ and ‘Why’?

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Do you know how exactly the Sales Industry works? Are you among those who think that being an owner of the SALES industry is a straightforward task as it keeps on progressing by the flow?

But do you know what triggers that flow?

Its – ‘Affiliate Marketing’

What is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate Marketing is how the person earns commissions by marketing other products or services. The affiliate marketers do charge based on the sales one has made.

How Is Affiliate Marketing Helpful To The Sales Industry?

Let me help you get cleared with an example :

An affiliate marketer helped you to make SALES of = $500 

Profit = $350

Commission for the affiliate marketer = $50


After paying a profit of $50, a Profit of $300 is still reserved by the Owner Of the Sales Campaign.

Are There Specific Ways To Pay The Affiliate Marketers? 

Yes, there are three ways with the help of which affiliate marketers get paid:

  • Pay Per SALE

In this method, the affiliate marketer is paid based on the Sale Price. You can fix a commission based on the Products you have:

For example:


Product Sale Price ($) Commision Percentage (%)
Face Cream 50 4
Tea Tree Face Serum 100 8
Body Lotion 150 12
  • Pay Per Lead

If you have given the business quality leads that have converted in the long run, you will be paid based on the fixed price.

  • Pay Per Click 

Suppose you are the Owner of a website that experiences good traffic. And if you convince the traffic coming to your website to visit the website for whom you are doing affiliate marketing, you can earn a high amount of traffic.

Is It Beneficial To Be An Affiliate Marketer? 

There are so many benefits of being an Affiliate Marketer:

  • Side Income

By Side Income, we mean passive income. It means that you can earn from one or two sources simultaneously.

  • No Customer Support 

You do not have to be part of the long-term Sales process, which includes – Hearing Customer queries and working until they are satisfied. No, you don’t!

Once you have sold them the product or services, make them visit a website (as promised), you needn’t do anything. Your work is over.

  • Work from Home 

Whether you want to work from home or from a tour you are enjoying, you can do it. Those who are recognizing you as the Affiliate Marketers only want the business. They are not concerned about – ‘From where you are working?’. It’s your choice.

  • Rewards 

If your performance is good and you are helping the business grow, you may get additional rewards. This might be the plus point in marketing.

Final Comments!

You can earn the benefit of doing affiliate marketing through many channels. If you are an influencer or a blogger, it’s super easy to make business. Otherwise, you can provide the services through paid search, email lists & Large Media Websites.

Affiliate Marketing is such a broad concept that you’ll find something suitable.

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