Christmas trees to do with children and fill the house with Christmas magic

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Holiday decorating is more bearable when there are children at home because they can contribute to making ornaments. Since the Christmas tree cannot be missing, look for cheap Christmas decorating bar trivia questions and ideas that allow you to create a unique model with the help of the kids in the house. We hope you like these Christmas trees to make with children of all ages as much as we do.

Do it yourself: Christmas trees to make with children and common materials such as EVA gum, cupcake capsules, or tie ties

Christmas trees with EVA rubber:

This material is usually used in crafts and surely your children are familiar with it. This kind of foam is sold in a multitude of colors. For a Christmas tree, it is best to choose it green. These examples have used the same green, but imagine these paper cones lined with scales of different shades of green. Prepare the scissors and glue!

Paper trees with paper molds for baking:

The fashion of cupcakes (lifelong muffins) is a fact. Whether purchased at a bakery or homemade, with the paper capsules that surround them it is possible to make Christmas trees that different. Children can collaborate by placing the molds … and eating the muffins!

Christmas trees with cloth ties:

They are also common in certain shop windows dedicated to clothing or textiles in general, to find trees made with pieces of cloth. The color options are very wide, so do not hesitate to choose the tones that combine with your living room or children’s favorites.

Christmas trees made with ice cream sticks:

Another classic example where they exist. If your children have been keeping the wooden sticks of the poles, this is the perfect occasion for you to give them a new life. They will only have to paint and paste them in the form of a tree. With some buttons and other details, they will be perfect.

Christmas trees made with shells:

Do your children miss the summer? Don’t worry because this example will remind you of the sea in the middle of winter. With those of shells of different sizes that you collected with them while you were on the beach, you can make a fantastic tree.

Christmas trees with a tape measure:

When we say that Christmas trees can be made with almost anything, it is true. This with a split tape measure is ideal for doors, walls, and windows. It is a groundbreaking craft with which to spend a fun time with children.

Christmas tree made with pineapples:

If you go on a field trip these days and visit a pine forest, don’t miss the opportunity to tell your children to pick up fallen pineapples. When you paint them green, paste them some colored pom-poms and place them in cork you will get really beautiful Christmas trees.

Christmas trees made with lights:

We go with a very simple idea, ideal to improvise when you don’t have time. Recycle those chains of Christmas lights and draw a tree on the wall with them. If your children are small, prevent electricity from playing tricks on them. Count on them to place the Christmas balls in this “bright” tree. Read more