Buying guide for choosing the right coffee table

Last Updated: September 8, 2022By

How to design a living room without a coffee table? The question should not even be asked as it is important, or even simply essential. Like most interior furniture, it has both a design and a practical purpose, making it a key piece. Homary offers a wide selection of models in its online store. Here are some tips to help you choose the one that will suit you best.

Characteristics of the ideal coffee table

What shape should I choose?

At Homary, you will find mainly rectangular models. Obviously made of solid oak, they have the great advantage of being adapted to all living rooms, whatever their size. However, they will fit even better in a room with a large surface area. Here, it is important to remember that a table occupying an abnormally large place, therefore disproportionate to the other furniture, will have an undeniable negative impact on your comfort as well as on your decoration. It will indeed hinder the passage and will cause an unpleasant lack of volume, which for a living room such as the living room is simply inconceivable! We advise you to leave a space of at least 50 cm around your coffee table to be able to move around freely. Go for examples.

A square coffee table is perfectly sized for those equipped with a corner living room. A rectangular coffee table for a sofa, a bench or a set of 3 + 2 seats.

Also prefer this rectangular shape if your sofa is large, it will allow all your guests to be located at equal distance from your table when you receive. If your room is smaller, choose a square table. Another decisive criterion to take into account when choosing the shape is the use you will make of it. For those who are used to eating in their living room, a rectangular coffee table will again be preferable.

Which features for which needs?

After the shape, let’s see now how to take into consideration the functional dimension to choose the ideal coffee table. At this level, it is difficult to direct you precisely to a particular model because only you know your needs. However, you should know that this type of furniture is not only a decorative asset. On the contrary! It can provide additional storage space if you choose a coffee table with drawers, such as the Mansart collection, or a lower compartment found on most of our other tables. Make sure your coffee table’s drawer is equipped with a stop. This will prevent you from having to pick up its contents every time you handle it!

Equipped with a double tray, it will allow you to store books and magazines that often tend to accumulate quickly in the living room and make a mess. Moreover, it can sometimes be used as a bar, like the table chest to discover exclusively at Homary.

Style and colors

If you like the color wood, you are bound to find what you’re looking for on Homary store because a large selection of coffee tables in light oak, medium oak, bleached oak, almond, pepper and faded oak awaits you. You have the opportunity to acquire a solid wood coffee table that will fit in with your interior decoration, whatever the style of your other furniture and the atmosphere you wish to create. Note that it is preferable to opt for a common color for each piece of furniture in your living room, in order to ensure consistency and a successful decor. A TV bench and a coffee table in light oak will indeed match perfectly, whereas two pieces of furniture in light and dark colors are likely to create a visual break.