Best water purifiers under 15,000

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Best water purifiers under 15,000

If you are looking for the best water purifiers, it provides you with healthy water and pure without any effort’s requirement for boiling. Water facilities play a big role in day-long working schedules and stress. Mainly in cities like Mumbai where most workers and working persons, drinking water becomes a condition needed.

Seasons like summer bring in more hunger and eventually the need to drink the water and boiling the water is difficult after returning from the whole heated working hours. Water purifiers should be surely present in every household to cut down the efforts as well as far to bypass the waterborne diseases that have negative effects on health. The purifiers are ranked based on features, performances, effectiveness, and efficiency. Most importantly, every purifier listed in the category is below 15,000 Rs making your choice easy and good.

Even if you are a middle-class person trying to keep the savings after monthly cost management plans, there are best water purifiers under 15,000 which will be useful for us in every sense.

 List of best water purifiers under 15,000

[1] Havells Max 8L RO UV water purifier

When it comes to the drinking water in working locations mainly in cities like Mumbai which takes heat to the extreme level, the best working water purifier, portable would be a good choice. The 8L max purifier would be a good choice for any working place making it the best water purifier under 15,000 in Mumbai.  The modern RO UV 7 staged purification technology with UV-c provides secure drinking water in any season. It is suitable for all spaces in the room such as kitchen, conners; tabletops as well as mount too.

  • Features

Ø 7-stage water purifications RO and UV purification process

Ø Easy to clean

Ø Removable water tank

Ø Maintenance efforts

Ø Advanced alarm system

Ø Havells max triggers for every error while using such as UV, SV failures, tank full alarm, etc.


[2] Kent ace mineral 7L 60-watt RO+UV+UF water purifier 

Almost all Indian houses and offices rely on municipal water for drinking goals. The water from the valve contains solid chemicals and impurities that may dissolve in water from the iron piping structure. The 7L RO+UV+UF purifier from Kent is specially designed to purify brackish water and to need 100% safe drinking water. It can be suitable for office and home due to high storage tank, easy to mount features, and double purification system.


  • Features

Ø Advanced double RO UV purification

Ø 7L storage

Ø Body material – ABS grade plastic

Ø 15L per hour

Ø Free installation

Ø Free and easy to clean

Ø Kitchens or offices without any clutter


[3] Blue star majestic MA4BSAM02 8L RO+UV water purifier

Both efficiencies preloaded and efficiency in it, this is an all-round purifier with multi-stage purification for inlet water. If you are searching for a water purifier with high storage and current savings features then the blue star is the proper choice for you. The RO+UV protection in it can notice any kind of dissolved impurities starting from harmful viruses and bacteria to the solid metals dissolved the water while supply. Even chlorine and fluoride levels in the water can be controlled with the high-grade layers provided in it making it secure and healthier to drink.


  • Features

Ø RO and UV purification

Ø 8L tank capacity

Ø Black and silver color

Ø Interior design of office and home

Ø Whole body is made up of food-grade