Best hospital in Multan for Psychiatric Treatment

Imagine you are living in a society, in the era of social media, life seems to be normal, you are going to school, college or at work just like everyone else. But there is something which you are unable to tell people, because they won’t understand and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself and become trending news in Pakistan. Because anything can get viral, people can make jokes and memes on literally anything. You don’t feel confident about yourself like other people, you have fears inside you. Fears of little things, fear of what’s coming next? Will you be able to do it? These are the fears of your daily life tasks.  

This is not something you should ignore, thinking that it’s just you and something is wrong with you. Sometimes you lose all the energy and feel sad, you don’t feel like meeting anyone, not even your friends and family. These conditions are the signs of depression and anxiety, the most common mental illnesses among people. And these illnesses require treatment just like other physical illnesses require treatment from a doctor. If you are from Multan Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital is a hospital in Multan with the best mental health treatment.

Mental illness and stigma

In the past few years, there has been trending news in Pakistan regarding mental illnesses and mental health. Many people refuse to accept this as a real health issue, they don’t consider mental health as a part of our overall health and well-being. It has been very controversial in Pakistan, the boomers refused the fact that mental illness is a serious issue that is seriously affecting the youth.

People don’t accept that they are having any mental illness because it will ruin their image and people will think they are crazy or weak. Parents don’t accept that their children are in severe depression or anxiety because they think there is no such thing as this. They think their children are making excuses because they are not strong and smart enough to excel in their life.

Parents compare their children with children in terms of studies, this builds up more and more burden on children. This comparison has ruined many lives and even taken many lives. We used to hear the breaking news in Pakistan every year when the results of matric and intermediate used to be announced. There was always a piece of news about the suicide of at least one student and it used to be the most trending news in Pakistan. Students are under pressure but they don’t speak up because their parents and friends don’t understand.

Types of mental illnesses

There are not just depression and anxiety which are affecting people, there are so many other types of mental illnesses which people should know about and should visit MASH, a hospital in Multan for mental illness treatment. Because when the illness is left untreated it can become worse and worse over time. You always need professional help at this stage, otherwise, it can ruin your whole life. Let’s discuss some types of mental illnesses:

  •         Bipolar disorder
    is a kind of disorder in which a person has extreme mood swings. At one second a person will be the calm and sweetest person in the room and at the next moment, he will be angry and loud that he won’t be able to control his anger. This disorder also leads to physical abuse. We see some domestic violence cases in trending news in Pakistan, most of those men who hit their wives have bipolar disorder.
  •         Schizophrenia
    people who suffer from schizophrenia have hallucinations and delusions. They see the things which do not exist or never happened. They often have memory problems and speech issues. Their behavior is different from others, they have a really disorganized behavior.
  •         Post-traumatic stress disorder
    this disorder happens when a person goes through a trauma and cannot get over it. That trauma haunts them even after years. Whenever they experience a slightly similar incident they feel the same level of trauma every time.
  •         Eating disorders
    some people have eating disorders, it can be both, and either a person loses the appetite or starts overeating. Both are dangerous for any human. Overeating leads to more health issues like obesity, cholesterol, and blood pressure. And not eating anything makes you weak and this leads to mood swings.

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When should you visit a psychiatrist?

Whenever you feel any symptom of any kind of mental illness, you should talk to someone you trust. Sometimes talking solves many issues, but it is good if you seek professional help. The psychologists know how to deal with every issue and how to do the therapy. A hospital in Multan Mukhtar A. Sheikh hospital is providing the best mental health services in Multan. They have services for people of every age. They have a separate clinic for mental health treatment which also makes it one of the best hospitals in Pakistan.  When you know there is a facility in your city you should avail it.