Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas to Consider

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A baby shower used to be a mostly stiff and formal affair, for the mother-to-be and her closest female relatives, who sipped tea and exchanged parenting tips. While some of that is still the same – we still love to give parenting tips – there are many, many great ideas for baby showers these days!

What if your mom isn’t close to your grandmother? That’s no problem. You can have the shower at your house, or you can send a gift and have it delivered, or you can ask everyone to e-mail or fax their best tips to you. The possibilities are endless! One thing is for sure:

1. If you do this right, every guest will leave with a bag of great new ideas, and something they can immediately use to make life easier for their own baby (or else, for the baby of a loved one). Here are 50 of the best tips I received at my recent baby shower:

2. Have guests write down on 3″x5″ index cards what they like about the baby (and her parents), and then put the cards in a plastic baggie. At the shower, have everyone who gives a comment read all the cards, and then the hostess reads them aloud. This will create lots of laughter and some really priceless bonding moments. (I know it sounds silly, but my friends really appreciated this.)

Creative Baby Shower Ideas

One big change to the baby shower is whether or not to invite men. Couples are being invited to a shower. The guys can add a fun dynamic to the event if they divide the games into genders. It would make sense to have games with sports themes, such as “changing a baby while watching football on tv” or “quickly changing baby’s clothes”. A lot of men are great at changing diapers and dressing a baby, but most are not born with it, and don’t mind playing with it.

Another creative baby shower idea is for the mother-to-be who likes crafts. The host has the ability to plan a party. If the guests create scrapbooking pages that the mother can later add photos to, or if they complete a creative project that the mother-to-be wanted done (decorating the baby’s playroom or making a quilt for the baby), then the mother-to-be.

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Baby Shower Ideas

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Additional Successful Baby Shower Ideas

In this blog, I am going to share with you 3 more successful baby shower ideas. These ideas are so successful, they could be the basis for a book titled “3 Extraordinary Baby Shower Ideas!” This book would sell like crazy! Here’s what I think is truly extraordinary about these 3 baby shower ideas: 1.

1. The first idea is one which has been used over and over with spectacular results.

2. The second idea is one which has been used by a couple of different couples (with different genders) and the gender of their baby was a surprise to both the father and the mother.

3. And finally, the third idea is something which has only been used once before and the father of the baby was a Navy SEAL.