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Avoid Feet Swelling During Pregnancy with Gynae Doctor In Jaipur

A woman’s pregnancy is a happy period in her life. However, this is also a challenging period for the pregnant woman because it causes numerous pains and aches in addition to swelling in different body parts. During pregnancy, back discomfort and foot soreness are frequent occurrences. Nighttime is a typical time for leg cramps and foot pain. This could be primarily the result of poor blood flow in the foot as well as any swelling that may be present in this area.

The best way to prevent them is by maintaining a proper healthy routine, According to the Best Gynae Doctor In Jaipur.

Here are some tips followed by generally suggested by the Best Gynae Doctor In Jaipur

  • Nutrition

This is among the essential things that can significantly improve the overall health of your pregnancy. However, a significant factor in reducing foot pain throughout pregnancy is nutrition. The different vitamins and minerals you consume when you follow a healthy diet are adequately absorbed by your body. This aids in minimizing and preventing swelling and easing numerous aches and discomforts felt throughout the body, particularly in the feet.

Magnesium supplements may also be recommended by the Best Gynae Doctor In Jaipur to lessen the discomfort in the legs and feet during this time. To ensure that you get enough magnesium during your pregnancy, you should also consume foods high in magnesium, such as nuts, dried fruits, and seeds.

  • Rest

Giving your body enough rest during pregnancy is crucial to preventing stress reactions that can cause cramps in numerous body parts, especially the feet and legs. Pregnancy can be physically demanding.

  • Exercise

During this period, you should also do some light activity, especially in the third trimester, as foot pain might get pretty bad suggested by the Best Gynae Doctor In Jaipur. This will aid in easing muscle tightness that can develop from prolonged inactivity. Pushing against a wall with a leg while holding the position for five seconds is one of the practical exercises. You’ll also be required to lean forward and rest your hands against the walls as you do this. Before taking a break, repeat this couple of times for each leg.

  • Weight

The usual weight gain during pregnancy shouldn’t exceed 15 to 20 kg. Anything beyond this will result in painful back and leg discomfort. So keep an eye on your weight to drastically lessen foot pain.

  • Raise your feet

If you spend all day at a desk, this is highly crucial. Place your feet up occasionally to help reduce swelling, which is the best technique to treat such swelling. You can use a footstool or a stack of pillows.


Ankle and leg swelling is a typical pregnant symptom. The most common name for this illness is edema, which often happens when fluid gathers in the tissue. If you try all the adobe mentioned tips and still are not getting relief from the pain, consult the Best Gynae Doctor In Jaipur. Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital is the renowned name of the gynecology department.