Adding a Hand Held Shower Head: Mistakes to Avoid

Last Updated: February 11, 2022By

A hand held shower head has numerous advantages over a traditional shower. If you suffer from a sore back, for instance it is possible to focus the flow of water at the area that is likely to benefit from the warmth. It’s not difficult to put in shower heads that are handheld however there are a few mistakes to avoid to allow the process to go easily.

Removing the Old Shower Head

Be cautious when in removing the shower head particularly if you intend to reuse it. Put a leather piece around the nut prior to tightening the wrench. This will ensure that you don’t damage the metal. When there’s Teflon tape over the pipes’ threads and you want to get rid of it, remove it prior to fitting the shower head that is hand-held.

Shower Arm

Make sure you connect the shower head to your shower as tight as you can in order to avoid possible leaks. Make use of Teflon tape to seal the threads for a more secure fitting. If you find leakage make sure you are extremely careful when tightening with the wrench or you could cause damage to the threads.

Like the shower head make sure to wrap the nut in the form of a heavy cloth or leather. If you don’t do this and the wrench is slipping it will scratch the metal and cause it to look unsightly.

When the shower head is attached to a bracket that has to be connected to the wall put tape to cover the tiles before you begin drilling holes. If you don’t, it can result in the tiles breaking and you’ll need be able to repair the tiles. This could be a lengthy and frustrating task which could be prevented.

Cross T Fitting

When you use a cross-T joint, you must create two attachments that connect this joint with the arm of the shower as well as the flexible hose from the handheld shower head connects to the joint. It’s easy to overlook to apply Teflon tape, but be sure that you do this as it helps to make an ideal seal. Be sure to wrap it making the wrap clockwise to get the perfect fitting.

It is also important to make sure that you don’t overload the nuts or you may damage the threads. Make sure to tighten the nuts as tight as you can, but avoid applying excessive pressure.

Tub Spout Mounting

If you have a tub spout mount to your shower head with a hand-held and you want to swap it the tub spout before. Apply penetrating oil to the area where the spout meets the wall. This makes it much simpler to remove.

If you have a tub spout mounted the shower head will typically require an attached wall bracket. Think about whether you would like to mount it high or connect a hand shower on the faucet in the bath. The major issue with attaching the shower lowly is you cannot make it an upright shower. Whatever you decide to put it in make sure you tape the tile prior to drilling holes to prevent cracks in the tiles.