A Complete Guide to Water Leak Detectors

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Water leakage can occur at any time and any place, therefore we should make our best efforts to watch out for water leaks in our homes, no matter how small those leaks might be to prevent emergencies. Although some water leaks are so slow that they are not detectable, some known leaks are ignored by some homeowners. These small ignored leaks add up into thousands of gallons a year. Imagine how much we waste our most important natural resource. It doesn’t only contribute to water shortage but also causes damage to some parts of your house structure which causes the house to deteriorate faster, collapse and cause injuries to its occupants. Water leak mainly happens due to faulty construction or faulty equipment like pipes, taps, etc. Water leak detection should be done either periodically checking the plumbing areas of the house or by installing a water leak detection device.

Introduction to Water Leakage Detectors

Water leak detector is a system that is installed in buildings to detect leakage. Both analog and digital water leak detectors are available in the market but people prefer digital ones. Digital water leak detectors can detect multiple leakages at the same time and send notifications.  Advanced digital water leakage detectors even shut down the water supply when a leakage is detected. In analog detectors, an alarm rings to be heard by the owner when there is a leakage and it does not send any notifications.

Working of Water Leak Detectors

If we talk about the digital water leak detection system, they consist of multiple leaks or moisture sensors operated by the battery. These detectors are mostly installed in areas where there are more chances of leakage such as water pipes, bathroom & toilet area, kitchen area, water meter, water storage areas and many others. Advanced water leakage systems are built in such a way that they send notification only when a certain amount of water is detected. Therefore, homeowners will be notified only when a certain level of leakage is crossed and can cause damage.  Digital detectors also detect sudden temperature change and trigger notification. Nowadays these detectors are usually installed along with thermostats and motion detectors so that homeowners can control them remotely through the application.

Advantages of Water Leak Detectors

Detecting water leaks through the sight and sound may seem an easy task. But in reality, it could be impossible to detect without the aid of a water leak detection system. Here are a few advantages of a water leak detection system that can’t be overlooked.

Easy Installation

Installing digital water leak detectors is an easy process and requires no expertise. You can do it yourself also by following the product manual. You just need to put the battery in the sensors and place them near water leakage prone areas. You will require professional help only if you wish to integrate it into your smart home system.

Prevention from Water Damage

Sometimes water leaks are so slow that they are not detectable but with due course of time, they cause potential damage to the home structure. Water leak detection system helps to detect leaks early on time so that you can patch up or replace pipes or faulty fixtures. Also keep in mind that electric cables are not exposed to water leaks, thereby reducing the risk of short-circuit or faulty wiring in your home

Saving on Your Water Bill

Water leakage from leaky pipes or faucets can drive up your water consumption, thereby increasing your utility bill. Water leak detection system will help you save on your utility bill by early detection of leaks causing less wastage of water.

Real-Time Alerts

This is an added advantage that modern digital water leak detection system provides by sending you computerized alerts even if you are not at home and you can access the system remotely through the application. Isn’t it great?

Water leak detection might not be on the top list of appliances for your home but it is an essential tool in maintaining your home structure in the long run. If you want to save your house from water damage it is advisable to install such device at your property to detect the leakage as earliest as possible. Or you can always contact a professional water leak detection service for accurate detection and solutions.