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9 Ways to Obtain Same Day Doctor Appointment

Last Updated: March 25, 2022By

When you feel ill you need to see the doctor or a GP. Booking an appointment online means to persuade the front desk or receptionist that you are actually ill. In case there is no more space for appointments they simply ignore the patients without understanding their problems and cut the call. Later they don’t receive the call from the same patients as well.

In fact, they provide no other options to the patients so that they can consult with the doctor. Here, we are going to know you 9 ways to make same day doctor appointment with guarantee. If you want to know them, then continue reading this blog.

  1. Do an extensive homework

Find out the appointment policy of the GP. Is there any same day or online booking facility? Do you have to wait for general booking? By understanding the protocols perfectly making the appointment becomes seamless.

  1. Visit the clinic instead of ringing

In case you need same-day appointment it is better to appear the clinic physically. As the GPs swamp with bookings in the early morning you may end up being last in the waiting list. As a result, it will delay your treatment.

  1. Pick up the suitable day

In case you are really feeling bad then visit the same day doctor as early as possible. Otherwise, you should wait for a few days. Mondays and Fridays are starting and ending days of the week so they are busiest! You can see the doctor on Thursdays, Wednesdays and Tuesdays as they remain quiet. Patients who visit the doctor on Fridays think that they cannot make it through the weekends.

  1. Remain calm

Never expect that someone will get off track to help you if you shout to seek help from them. Although you are in need of urgent medical care yet foul language is a big no.

  1. Cancel unwanted appointments

If you are feeling fine, then cancel the appointments. Never miss one as missed hospital and GP appointments cost about £1billion every year.

  1. Stay updated with the prescription

Opt for walk-in services as receptionists consume more time to get the signs of doctors for emergency repeat prescriptions. You can arrange an appointment in advance over the phone as well.

  1. Share the important information

Patients ask the receptionists which specialist is best for them. But they turn out as nosy. If you know what problem you have then you can find the specialised GP accordingly. By this way the treatment becomes more effective.

  1. Be ready to consult with another GP

There are many popular GPs all over the city and country. In case you are unable to find one in your locality then look for an alternative.

  1. If not emergency, delay the call till late morning

Early morning is busiest time for the doctors and GPs. In that time, they remain busy attending emergency patients. If your case is not so urgent you can wait till late morning for the appointment.

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