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8 Best Futon Mattresses You Need to Know About

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Sleep is an essential part of our well-being and daily routine. When you are unable to sleep peacefully, you cannot function properly. Have you noticed irritability in your tone when your sleep is hampered?

Using the right bed mattress is one of the things that contribute to a good night’s sleep, and a cotton mattress futon is perfectly suitable for this case. If you live in a small space or need extra space in the room, this mattress folds and turns into a sofa in minutes. It is further prepared with natural cotton, giving extra comfort and health benefits.

In this article, we have discussed vital things about cotton futon mattresses, so have a look:

8 Best Futon Mattresses

Cotton Mattress Futon by Bio Sleep Concept

Bio Sleep Concept’s Greenguard Gold certified cotton mattress futon is something we all wish to sleep on. You and your loved ones can comfortably relax and enjoy a nap on it, knowing that it is hypoallergenic and 100% chemical-free. This cotton mattress futon is designed with much care, perfectly regulating the airflow while you sleep. Moreover, this futon mattress helps alleviate the pressure points in your body.

Futon Mattress by Classic Brands

A futon mattress by Classic Brands is prepared with independent coils, which offers better support and reduces motion disturbance during sleep. The material used in the mattress futon is sturdy polyester with medium-to-firm options.


The cotton mattress futon by Stratus contains extra padding for better cushioning. It contains bouncy Bonnell coils inside to improve support during sleep. Additionally, the resilient foam adds a comfortable layer and ensures effective cradling.

Coil Futon Mattress by DHP

Another valuable mattress futon is the coil futon by DHP. It contains around 15-gauge coils that improve the durability and support offered by the futon. It is smooth and pleasant on the skin. However, this mattress has polyester padding for extra cushioning.

Memory Foam Futon Mattress by Milliard

In the Milliard futon, two memory foam layers offer proper support to your body while sleeping and tossing. It is fairly lightweight, and you can move it easily from one room to another.


Mozaic mattress futon is the right choice for smaller rooms. It has a poly-cotton cover and memory foam layer for better support and cradling. The mattress is breathable and extremely durable.

Porch and Den Guthrie

Porch and Den Guthrie cotton mattress futon have around three cotton layers, which makes it comfortable and cradling. It can be easily used in children’s rooms for sleeping and sitting as required.

Serta 8-inch Chestnut Cotton and Foam Futon Mattress

Lastly, the Serta cotton mattress futon has multiple memory foam layers. It helps you sleep comfortably every night. You only need to ensure that the mattress is air-dried every once in a while to keep it fresh.


How to Choose the Right Cotton Mattress Futon?

If you need to buy a cotton mattress futon for your home, what factors should you consider:


Check the features of the mattress futon offered to you. This can include every important thing, such as the support, material, certifications, and warranty of the mattress futon.


Today, cotton mattress futons are prepared in various forms, such as different thicknesses, shapes, designs, etc. Depending on where you need to put this futon, you should select the relevant type.


The brand and company that manufactured the mattress are important. For example, if you need a natural or organic cotton mattress futon, then you need to purchase it from a brand that is certified for the same.


Once you have evaluated the above factors, it is necessary to consider the price of the futon. According to market standards, you may have understood the average price. Based on this, take a good deal. Remember that really low prices can be low quality as well, so decide wisely.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, visit the website and social media channels, and search on Google to find an honest review of the cotton mattress futon. This will help you know how well it has been received by the people who purchased the futon.


Things To Consider

Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a cotton mattress futon:

  • Why are you purchasing the futon? This is important because it will help you evaluate the quality. If you need it for the guest room or you want to use it occasionally, then you can purchase a cheaper one as well.
  • What type of futon frame do you need? Some cotton mattress futons come without the frame. However, these are not suggested because your mattress may catch dirt and dust without the frame.
  • Earlier, futons were firm. However, now we have options for soft and comfortable cotton mattress futons as well. You can select the firmness according to your comfort and health conditions.
  • What is the durability of your mattress futon? Usually, natural cotton mattress futons are durable, and you don’t need to purchase a new one for at least ten years. However, still, ask the manufacturer about the life of the futon. Further, the life of the futon depends largely on its maintenance too, so follow the wash care manual to regularly clean your mattress.


A cotton mattress futon is a great invention that helps you convert your mattress to a bed and sofa at relevant times. You can keep it as an extra bed or use it in a smaller room or kids’ room. This will help you save space and money both.

Consider the above factors and compare the eight best futon mattresses to make a purchase.