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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Certified Organic Mattress

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How many times do you feel uncomfortable sleeping on your regular mattress? If it is more than one, you need to consider the material of your mattress as one of its major reasons. Sticking to an ordinary mattress can deprive you of the advantages that a certified organic mattress can offer you.

7 Reasons for Switching to an Organic Mattress

A mattress is an essential household item that you cannot replace frequently. So, it is important to be finicky while choosing one. Here are some must-read facts about the benefits of an organic mattress.

1. It is Comfortable and Durable

While thinking about a mattress, people generally imagine a soft fluffy structure where they can sleep peacefully. Comfort is the primary thing that may come to your mind. Sometimes an average mattress may feel soft but becomes stiff after a few months of use. Most of these mattresses are made with petroleum-based products, such as nylon, vinyl, polyester, pressboard, and polyurethane foam.

2. A Chemical-free Sleeping Surface

Do you know an ordinary mattress contains one or multiple chemicals? While purchasing a mattress, you probably overlook the matter of chemicals as it can’t be seen or felt. That time your major concern may be the durability and comfort of the mattress.

The petroleum-based substances in an ordinary mattress release flame retardants of chemicals like silicon, phosphates, and boric acid. A certified mattress made with organic latex, cotton, or wool is 100% chemical-free.

3. It Reduces Muscle Pain

An ordinary mattress is usually too soft or too rigid to support your spinal alignment. If you buy a certified organic mattress, it provides you with adequate spine support. Mattresses that contain organic material have the required firmness that distributes your weight into different points. Thus, these mattresses reduce the stress from a particular pressure point and convert it into all parts of your body.

An excessively soft or stiff mattress can pressurize your backbones and muscles. Also, it creates unnecessary tension on your neck and shoulder. When the mattress is not supportive enough, it forces you to sleep with the wrong posture. It causes a strong ache in your backbone, neck, shoulder, and knee.

A wrong sleeping posture can make you suffer from severe joint pain related to Arthritis. Many adults experience knee pain for an incorrect body alignment during sleep. Hence, an organic mattress is beneficial to promote a good sleeping posture and relief from body pain.

4. It Prevents Mold and Mildew

While sleeping, the heat that your body produces creates condensation and sweat on your body. Mold and mildew can grow on your mattress when there is a lack of proper ventilation. Synthetic materials, such as plastic and polyurethane lock moisture, hinder airflow, and make your mattress a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

If you choose the right mattress with 100% organic materials, it prevents mold from growing in its layers. A certified organic mattress made with natural latex is breathable enough. This sap of rubber tree is used to make this organic latex that is resistant to mold, bacteria, and fungus. Organic cotton and wool also limit mold growth in a mattress.

5. It Keeps Dust-mites off from You

Dust mites love to live on soft materials like carpets, mattresses, etc., in your household. When you sleep on such a surface, they spread allergens biting your skin. Warm and damp spots are ideal for their habitation and that is why they inhabit ordinary mattresses.

Organic mattress materials like wool or latex contain antibacterial properties. Also, when you buy a certified organic mattress, it creates an unhealthy environment for dust mites.

6. You Will Get Relief from Allergies

Antimicrobial adjectives, dust, and dust mites are some of the most common allergies that a synthetic mattress can cause. This type of mattress may contain artificial fragrances and materials that cause skin rashes and irritation. Also, dust and the chemical components of these mattresses can cause respiratory reactions at night.

If you are sensitive to dust and chemicals, switching to an organic mattress would be beneficial for you. Mattresses made with organic cotton and latex usually have hypoallergenic properties.

7. It is Eco-friendly

The petroleum-based substances in an average mattress emit harmful gasses into the environment. By choosing an eco-friendly mattress, you contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint. The materials used to make an organic mattress are biodegradable, natural, and harvested in a sustainable manner.

In Conclusion

As a mattress has several impacts on your health, it is essential to pick natural, breathable fibers, such as organic latex that own hypoallergenic and anti-mold properties. That is why purchasing a mattress from a certified manufacturer or company is always recommended. Also, it is important to keep your mattress clean and hygienic.