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7 Amazing Online University Event Ideas Students Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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With the rise of remote learning, the days of sitting in a boring classroom are over. As a student, it is highly difficult to keep up with the hectic schedule. An excellent online university event is the one attended. The online event needs to be interesting for the students to attend it. Every college has students who want to participate in university life. It is a task to host events that college students will attend.

An online event is a good way to break the ice between the students. Students generally become good friends and connect in such university events. With the rise of online learning, we see a shift from offline to online in most ways of life.

A virtual event can be a virtual onboarding of freshers, virtual graduation, virtual happy hour, etc. The aim of such events is usually to create an enjoyable and memorable experience that keeps college students engaged.

The virtual engagement has been the biggest struggle for event managers over the past few years. To make an event interesting, one can create quizzes and questionnaires. Online voting during the event can be done to make it fun. The event should be interactive and there should be communication between the participants. The host plays a major role. They should not be shy or an introverted person. The host should keep the event warm, fun, and away from silent awkwardness. The event should start with a quick introduction about the participants so that the participants know each other. Online meetings are a great way to connect with other students in the university and make friends.

Here are seven amazing online university event ideas that students wouldn’t want to miss

1) Online game night

An online game night is a great idea. There are a million games that one can play online. The game can be decided after knowing the approximate number of participants. They should be interesting but not hectic. It should be easy to understand and not very complex. Dividing all the participants into two teams is suggested. Some games that can be played are: Pictionary, dumb charades, guess the song, etc. If the participants are to play individually, the games can be guessing games, questioning games, etc. where the host can screen share and the participants can answer in the chat box or raise their hand.

2) Online movie screening or book reading

Another online event idea can be a movie screening or book reading session. While choosing a movie, it is very important to keep in mind that the majority likes it. For this, a google form can be circulated before the movie night asking about interests. The movie night can be made interesting by people dressing up as characters from the movie. A questionnaire round can also be done after the movie. Book reading is also a very interesting idea. Like-minded people with similar interests can connect through these events.

3) Online dance parties

Online dance parties are fun. Students open up in such events. It is a great idea to host these events. At online dance parties, everyone is invited, even the ones who do not like to dance. At these parties, introverts will be more comfortable as they can be in their safe and happy place. There can be games also. Games like statue dance. Everyone can dance and as the song stops, the participants have to stop and freeze.

4) Best room décor competition

Most students take their online classes in their rooms. The best room décor competition will let them show their study space by holding friendly competitions to show how creative they are. This is a simple competition, after the decoration the event can continue. The participants can sit in the decorated room and play games, etc.

5) Virtual open mic

A virtual open mic is an excellent idea. It allows participants to showcase their talent, by giving them a platform. Participants can sing, dance, recite poems, letters, etc. basically any piece of creative art. Open mic is very popular in today’s time. There is high student participation and engagement. This is one of the most interesting ideas where the students will participate with excitement and passion. This helps the participants be more confident in their work.

6) Online concert

Online concerts are very popular among students. Students love music and they love concerts. During the lockdown, online concerts were hit. It is great how one can sit at home and enjoy a live concert online in a comfortable place. They can dance at home, in their pajamas, and enjoy themselves. This way location is not a limit. People from all over the world can attend the online university concert without being In the same city.

7) Influencer talk show/ Tedx

An influencer talk show is another amazing idea. Students enjoy this more than anything. Everyone is fond of influencers. Students go crazy for this. As an online content creator, sharing interesting and unique content is very important. The influencers talk about their daily life and make things funny. This is one reason why students love influencer talk shows. With the increase in social media platforms, influencers are a hit.


With a million options available on the internet today, it is very important to choose the right platform, like Mixhubb, for these online events. Many other factors influence the success of an online event, the idea, topic, or theme is the first thing to decide and is very important. Establishing a comfortable space for the participants is another important part. Online events are easy and comfortable. These days everyone prefers sitting at home and attending an online event, but these events need to be interesting and successful.