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6 Reasons Why the Gable Boxes are So Popular

If we shortlist the most uniquely shaped boxes in the packaging industry, the gable boxes would certainly be at the top of the list. They are not only handsome but also handy. These boxes have a different and yet charming structure which is both practical and presentable. The best thing about the gable boxes is that they have combined the factors of feasibility and presentation. Both of these are pivotal to the success of retail packaging i.e. it should look different to capture attention and yet be practical to fit all sorts of products. Let us have a look at what makes them so successful as a type of retail packaging.

The Unique Shape of Gable Boxes

The popularity of the custom gable boxes lies in their unique and yet pretty shape.  At the base, the gable boxes are shaped like a square or upright rectangle. This square or rectangle closes at the top with its two flaps overlapping each other to make a handle. Packaging companies in USA give a lot of customization options in these boxes to make these boxes more attractive and alluring

This in turn adds to the feasibility of these boxes. The handle makes them easy to carry while the square or rectangles provide an ample space for the product to be carried securely. Hence, it is a combination of utility and uniqueness which helps these boxes become a favorite choice by a huge number of companies.

The Gable Boxes are Multi-purpose Packaging Boxes

Since the structure of the gable boxes at the base is fairly simple and spacious, it helps them become one of the most versatile types of packaging.  This is the reason they are used by a huge variety of companies from almost all niches. Whether these are the food companies, jeweler brands, sweets manufacturers, perfume brands, or other companies looking for exquisite packaging for their products.  

Besides the fact that you can get your required product boxes customized in any design, shape and printing pattern adds to the practicality of these boxes. The gable boxes wholesale manufacturers offer these boxes with a variety of customization options.

Gable Boxes as the Perfect Gift Boxes

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One of the most common uses of gable boxes is as gift boxes. The beautiful shape of these boxes make them a perfect choice to be used as the gift boxes for the loved ones. These packaging boxes can be used to carry the sweets, the jewelry items, expensive watches, perfumes or any other precious gift items. Besides, you can beautify these boxes with additional adorning features like ribbons, bows, and flowers.

The Gable Boxes as Food Boxes

The convenience of carrying provided by the handles at the top have made the gamble boxes one of the most popular choices by the food industry. These are being used by the restaurants and bakeries around the world as takeaway boxes.

Another reason for the use of gable boxes as food boxes is that they provide a considerable space for carrying a meal for more than one person. Moreover, when the top of these boxes is properly sealed at the closure, it helps retain the freshness and taste of the food. 

Gable Boxes are Environment Friendly and Food Safe

custom printed gable boxesThe manufacturing material most widely used by the packaging boxes wholesale producers is the kraft material. The kraft paper is made with a renewable, and natural source i.e. wood. It is easily biodegradable and can also be recycled or reused. It is a great option when it comes to contributing towards reducing the non biodegradable packaging waste. 

Moreover, it helps earn the companies a huge goodwill. Because the learned customers prefer to buy from the brands which are offering their products in eco friendly packaging. Hence, these boxes are a smart choice as they can help enhance your company’s image as a responsible company.

Moreover, since the gable boxes mostly do not contain any synthetic manufacturing material, they are also food safe. Kraft material is totally food safe. It does not contaminate the food and is BPA free. Hence, it ensures that when the gable boxes are used as food boxes, the food reaches you without any contaminants. 

The Customizability of Gable Boxes

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You can customize your gable boxes to represent your brand in style. They can be made in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, you have the option to customize the handles of your custom printed gable boxes. These can be made with any material of your choice.

Similarly, any sorts of printing patterns, colour combinations and graphics can be used on these boxes. To make them look more unique and be presentable.  They support all sorts of inks and give high precision of colours. Besides, both the digital and offset printed go well with the printed boxes. You can even get them finished in a coating of your choice. Whether you like a matte touch or a glossy shining package.