5 Ways to build your email list for free

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“A shortlist that wants exactly what you’re offering is better than a bigger list that isn’t committed.”- as said Ramsay Leimenstoll. 

Email marketing is essential irrespective of which industry you are in. It helps you to build a relationship with your customers also helps you generate leads and convert them into potential customers. 

Building your email list is an essential element of a successful marketing strategy. With an email list, you can share brand stories, promote your business and your products/services. 

“There are more than 4 billion daily email users. This number is expected to rise 4.6 billion by 2025”. 

When you can reach such a big crowd for free. What are you waiting for? 

In this article you will be learning some effective ways to build your email list for free:

1. Use Opt-in Forms to build your email list for free

Make use of Opt-in forms on your website. Inspire your readers to drop their email addresses. You can insert Opt-in forms in modals, pop-ups and chatbot conversations. 

People drop their email addresses only if they get benefited from them. So you should focus on creating perfect copy, attractive design and the Call to action button in your opt-in forms. Through your opt-in forms, visitors should feel they can expect more beneficial information rather than promotional email. 


– Create a CTA button that encourages your readers to take action like “Download for free” “Get instant access” and so on. 

– Keep your Opt-in Forms eye-catching like below one

2. Offer gifts for dropping emails to build your email list for free

The second strategy you can use is offering freebies and gifts. You can also offer discounts, trials and coupons to get email addresses. Discounts and trials are the best and most effectively used strategies to get more email addresses. 

You are giving something valuable for free once they use it, you get a new customer and still, you can make a profit! 

You can provide an e-book, free sample of your product/service etc. Downloadable perks are also tempting and effective incentives. Ask for an email in return give an e-book, product, checklist, templates etc.

3. Make use of Live chat to collect email address 

A business or eCommerce website needs a live chat option. Customers should be able to connect with your team via messaging app immediately. It helps to hold your visitors for a longer time and they can clarify their doubts right away. 

Before starting the conversation you can ask customers to fill in basic details like name, email address, phone number, also their main concern of coming to live chat. 

Few get annoyed filling out the form but in long run, it helps to create better customer relationships. Live Chat is not only the place to solve customers’ problems it also aids in getting customers’ details. 

There are many best email marketing platforms that offer live chat and email integration options. You can effortlessly build an email list for free and send email campaigns using the same platform. You do not have to export or import any data.

4. Create customized CTA for each blog or landing page

Creating customized CTA have a 42% higher view-to-submission rate than CTA that is common for all visitors. 


If you are creating content on “Email Building Strategy” provoke them to subscribe to your email list by  adding CTA like “Click here to download a free email building toolkit.” 

Personalized CTA can do wonders only if the resources have quality and useful content. You can create an e-book or checklist also instead of a toolkit. Ebooks are not time-consuming or expensive they just need to be useful for your readers. 

If you offer content that connects with your readers, your newsletter looks authentic. Also, it is a key factor for holding a long term customer relationship.

5. Add CTA to your Social media platforms 

  • Include CTA in your bio 

    Use Social media bio to include converting CTA. You can add CTA to book a call with you, to your blog or website. Also, you can give away freebies that entice your visitors to click on them. 

    You can consider the below example to get a rough idea of how you can add CTA in your bio:

    build your email list

  • Add CTA on your posts 

    You can add CTA on your social media posts as well. Create a post that tells readers to click on bio or register for a newsletter or something like that. If you are capable enough to create engaging content then no doubt your visitors click on the link. 

    build your email list

Why building your email list is important? 

  • Email increases credibility 

    Sending emails to your potential audience improves trust between you and them. 

    When your audience starts getting messages from you they understand what you are into and how they will be getting benefited from you. 

    Only with a proper conversation you become favourable to your customers. They feel they are considered as important, they are free to ask questions by responding to your message. This aids in building credibility and connection. 

  • Get Visitors to your website/blog 

    Did you know? More than 70% of people do not turn up to your site/blog after once visited. Once take look at your Google Analytics and check out the ratio of new VS returning visitors. 

    As you know visitors are valuable. Out of all the websites they have chosen yours, it’s important you make them feel their time is worth it. 

    Do not miss an opportunity of turning casual visitors into keen fans who stop by and check your site all the time. 

    You can create emails regarding newly published blog posts, special day sales, announcements of your service/product etc. 

    • Gives personalized touch 

    Having personalized online conversations make your customers feel more comfortable and real. 

    Email makes your business messages personal. You can address them with their name and convey your message. 

    build your email list

    Check out the above example WPForms have sent a personalized message for their visitor regarding a new version of their themes. Also, they have winded up the mail professionally with the sender name, not just the company name. 


Building an email list is important irrespective of which industry you are in. Focus on building a genuine email list and make use of it by sending personalized messages to your audience. 

Hope the above information was useful for you. 

What are you waiting for? Take action right now and gain more customers via Email Marketing.