5 Problems Everyone Has With Zinc Roof – How To Solved Them

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A leaky roof is perhaps the most common roof problem that every homeowner is going to encounter at some point. Roof issues are among the most frustrating and expensive problems home and business owners face. While zinc roof is known for being effective and durable, there are a few common issues that can crop up at any time. Metal roofs indeed have a lot of advantages, but some common problems must be addressed.

Cement tiles


Metal roofs, however, are a specialty of their own. And contractors who are not metal roof experts often perform faulty and/or severely destructive repairs. This might not be the answer you are looking for, but there are fewer long-term problems with metal roofs compared to other materials. Like metal roofing with an asphalt shingle finish, or cement tiles. If you are using or installing the Granulated Underlayment directly on top of a shingle roof. There is the possibility that a protective coating on the backside will get scratched, which could lead to a collapse of your metal roofing system from the inside out. Poor workmanship frequently results in gaps and slits in metal roofing, making it easier for leaks to occur.



In addition to problems caused by outside agents. Many problems with metal roofs stem from improper installation. Poorly installed roofs are the most common causes of mold. Poor lifespan, and long-term complications. Metal roof leaks can occur for many reasons, some out of our control. Others caused by human error. Leaks may occur due to things outside our control, such as structural damage, ice jams, or heavy snow.

Other leaks


Leaks also may occur due to aging, or if the seams of your roof, connecting multiple panels. Were not built correctly, to begin with. Typically, leaks on a roof tend to happen near your fireplace, in the flashpoints. Around your gutters, underneath damaged shingles. Close to ventilation vents and pipes, and at lower points or valleys. There are almost as many causes of roof leaks as there are roofs, ranging from cracked or missing shingles to damaged roof sleeving, and more. Metal roofs are the longest-lasting, most maintenance-free roofing options on the market, but every roof can. And eventually will develop a leak.

Steaming roofs


Standing seam roofs are extremely durable and far less leaky, but sometimes they too will leak. With the most common issue being the end-laps of panels. While designed to stop large amounts of water from pouring off. A metal architectural roof is considered to be a water-retarding roofing system, with small amounts of water expected to pass through a panel under some detailing conditions. Most metal roof materials can tolerate small amounts of water leaking through metal roof detailing conditions without shortening the life of the roofing materials. Zinc products cannot tolerate light leakage from a roof or condensation without allowing corrosion, resulting in roof material failure.


In the end


Newer stainless steel and zinc caps have a considerably longer lifespan and should be used all the time. Loose screws, poor fit or finish, and improper attachments all cause many problems that hinder roof longevity. LGC Roofing has a great post about the four most common problems. Homeowners face with a metal roof, provided that they are protecting their house.