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5 Helpful Books for Learning French Language

Learning a new language is an add-on skill. Polyglot people are always a step ahead of monoglot people. One of the popular languages to learn is French. Some people get themselves enrolled in classes but people who don’t have time to take online classes prefer to learn through books. It is one of the traditional forms of learning. In this way, you can learn at your own pace without any stress and hassle. What is the advantage? It will open a wide range of opportunities for you if you want to move to and settle in French-speaking countries. One of the main advantages is that you don’t have to spend money on French translation services.

Do you want to learn this language through books? Let’s have a look at 5 helpful resources in this regard.

Practice Makes Perfect: Complete French All-in-One

To make your learning venture easy, you have to learn the basics first. The practice makes a perfect series that helps you learn multiple languages. This series contains 7 books that include a wide number of lessons and exercises. You can get proficiency in the language if you practice these lessons and exercises. Moreover, it includes the basics of grammar, sentence composition, tenses, verbs, and advanced Grammar. The best part is, it also contains an app that you can download easily. The app includes flashcards containing vocabulary and several exercises to learn how to pronounce different words. In short, it’s a fun way to improve your learning pace.

French All-in-One for Dummies

Whether you want to learn French for your business or travel, this one will make your learning process easy. Many learners prefer to learn from a series of dummies. The series of dummies include intermediate French of Dummies, French essentials for Dummies, Intermediate French for dummies, French phrases of Dummies, French verb for dummies. Moreover, it also contains an Audio set. In short, it is a series of dummies that include all the information in one book with the addition of an audio CD. If you follow this series then you can easily read, write and speak in the language. Additionally, it contains content specific to the Canadian dialect. Thus, you can easily improve your comprehension skills if you follow this book.

Easy French Step by Step

The name is enough to describe that it helps the people that want to learn from scratch. It follows a traditional grammar approach. Therefore, if you are unaware of the basics, this book is a viable option for you. It teaches you the language step by step from basic grammar. Moreover, it contains 300 verbs that are more frequently used. You can easily learn these verbs in a friendly manner. Moreover, it includes many exercises with quizzes. You can develop your interest easily as it contains many interesting passages. Many people that have learned from this book say that this has made their learning Journey easy and built a solid foundation. It is available at affordable prices. Are you ready to buy?

Berlitz Self-Teacher for French

Do you know what Berlitz Corporation is? It is the globally recognized institute for languages and provides you with material to learn any language in a better way. Therefore, if you want to learn it effectively, go for this one. By using it, you can learn in a natural way. Therefore, you don’t have to memorize difficult grammar rules. If you find difficulty in understanding the grammar then do opt for this one. It explains the grammar explanations in a very friendly manner. This book also contains oral exercises and pronunciation tips. By following the given conversation style, you will soon be fluent.  Once you become fluent in speaking and writing, you can even try your luck with some professional translation agency and start working as a translator or interpreter.

French Beginner to Intermediate

As the name suggests, this is viable for those people that have a basic understanding and want to move at an intermediate level. The interesting thing about this book is that along with this, you will get two audio CDs. Moreover, it also contains online courses that you can use for learning. If you follow this religiously then, you can easily learn how to read and write French. The methodology used in this course is practicing exercises, grammar explanation, and vocabulary. By using this, you can learn the language learning strategy yourself so that you can learn in a better way. If you find this one interesting then you can also opt for other options in its series.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to correspond with the people who speak French? No worries, select any helpful book according to your aptitude. If you have learned the language from any of these, then you are free from the hassle of finding French translation services. So which book are you going to choose now?